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Canadian Racist Group hate sikhs!!!!!!!!!


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Taken from different forum:

Canadian Racists just hate Sikhs and their political influence in Canada. This Paul Fromm fellow is a big leader of theirs. I once interviewed him over the phone for a paper a few years ago without letting him know I was a Sikh. He isn't virulently racist but in effect he wants a white Canada. I also have a write-up he puts out on "Sikh terrorist" Meva Singh who killed the dusht William Hopkins in 1914. He calls Williams a "Canadian Martyr" etc. Below are some racist rants on Sikhs.


Dear Immigration Reformer:

It's a strange old world in politically correct Canada. Historical

revisionist publisher Ernst Zundel languishes in a Niagara Falls jail

because the Minister of Immigration has a concern that he may be a threat

to national security , despite a 45 year history of non-violence and

compliance with all court orders.

Yet, Immigration Minister Denis Coderre's cabinet colleagues Herb

Dhaliwal, a Sikh taxicab magnate from Vancouver and David Kilgour

actively lobby for a convicted Sikh terrorist in India. The lobby is

seeking to free terrorist Davinder Singh Bulla. It's peculiar. It looks

as if Sikh power is running rampant in Ottawa, seeking, of course, not

Canada's interests first, but Khalistan's.

Note Dhaliwal, Amarjeet Singh Rattan, his assistant, and Kilgour's

assistant Sukhbir Singh Lalli, sent, at taxpayers' expense to lobby in

India. Sikh pwoer, certainly, but who speaks for Canada? The group

lobbying for Balla is top heavy with members of the International Sikh

Youth federation. They seemed to have no trouble meeting with Chretien,

former Finance Minister and PM hopeful in the wings Paul Martin and, of

course Heritage (not OUR heritage) Minister Sheila Copps. Martin seems to

have a penchant for Canadian friends of terrorists. Several years ago, he

was a prominent guest of a Toronto Tamil umbrella group that fronted for

the murderous Tamil Tigers.

Paul Fromm




The COLLINS COLUMN Now online!

By Doug Collins

If the pundits are correct, the Sikh Supremacy Party otherwise known as the New Democratic Party will elect Ujjal Dosanjh as its leader and premier come Feb. 20.

Then Canada will get its first East Indian premier, and the politically correct Wet Coast media will coo happily. Bring out the curry. Peer at the lovely papadons. Turbans all round.The TV newscasts in B.C. cant get away from them.

As Gerry Weiner, the Jewish multicult minister of the 1980s told me years ago, "You can forget the Canada of 1945. Were building a new Canada."

Very true, sir. Very true.

So what has happened? Are the Sikhs now in the majority in this province? Have we become a suburb of the Punjab?

Not yet. But there are enough of them certainly more than 110,000, most of whom are in the Lower Mainland to register high on the NDPs weighing machines. Besides which, an organized minority will always beat an unorganized majority.

There are over 30 Sikh temples in the province and when they are not beating one another up over religious issues like whether they should sit on the ground or sit at tables, they are signing up en masse as NDPers, in honor of Ujjal. The result is that they have transformed what used to be a party dominated by the horny-handed sons of toil, and middle class white wine socialists, into what it is now reasonable to call the Sikh Supremacy Party.

The whining that goes on about this Sikh takeover in the socialist ranks is considerable. But no one in the party or outside it has the balls to name it for what it is:

Racism. As I may have mentioned before.

But lets exercise a bit of caution. Only whites can be racist.The multicults are simply practising diversity. And diversity is good for us, even though too many doses of diversity can lead to death.

But I digress. What you really want to know is what Guru Dosanjh stands for. Hes not really saying, apart from some muttering about a New Look for the discredited NDP. Which in fact looks a lot like the Old Look. You know: benefits for same-sex partners, higher welfare rates, anti-landlord legislation, more pro-union laws, and similar socialist pleasures.

But there are two things that neither Dosanjh nor the media have mentioned. One is that he will work his butt off arranging more privileges for his loyal minorities. And Sikhs wont be at the bottom of the list. Things like that are, after all, one of the main purposes of B.C.s human rights legislation.

The second is that he will make B.C.s already sinister human rights laws even more restrictive of free speech. Trouble is, we have media in this province who, like Trappist monks, never criticize such phenomena.

The result is that the man in the street knows little or nothing about what Dosanjh is up to.

Consider the human rights stuff, actual and proposed:

Our Sikh Guru has been an enthusiastic supporter and administrator of outrageous human rights legislation that makes it possible for the Thought Police to jump on anyone whose opinions dont suit special interest groups like BNai Brith, the Canadian Jewish Congress, and the ludicrously named Canadian Education and Research Association (CAERS). CAERS specializes in preventing the politically incorrect from speaking in public places. If hotels and public libraries cant be bullied into keeping them out, demonstrations that some would call riots will take place.

It has been the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Dosanjhs ministry and Id be surprised if the others havent also received alms from the public till. But, once again, our media watchdogs walk by on the other side of the street.

Even worse is the lack of attention paid to Dosanjhs plans for attacking what is left of freedom of speech in this province. He wants to make the mere possession of hate propaganda a criminal offence, and yearns for the National Thought Police to have the authority to seize computer hard drives.

What is hate propaganda?

He whose granddaddy was reportedly a commie will decide that. Finally, he and his Lesbian-led Human Rights Commission state in their recently written Rights Bible that the defence of religious belief should be modified in case a bit of hate propaganda is slipped in that way in the guise of religion. So be on guard, you slippery Christians.

Meanwhile, what the Sikhs might be saying under the guise of religion we would never know. And heres an Indian lily for you: The Commission, which means Dosanjh, wants the libel laws reviewed because hate-promoting groups may be using libel actions against equality-seeking groups.

Translation: immigration boosters, ethnic associations, and the Army of the Politically Correct, led by General Dosanjh should be free to say what they please, while we of the common rabble should walk around with gags in our mouths.

In the West, the Brave New World is dawning.

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but do u know what kills me... sometimes I think we create such situations for ourselves...

Listen to this... Paul Martin has been questioned about whether his leadership will go through or not as the members of the liberal party are mainly sikhs and chinese... that does not represent canada equally... the role of the leadership is to ensure that majority and minority are happy, but if the minority gains control then that's the tyranny of the minority on the majority from which stems hatred... we have to learn to cooperate with everyone....

Also brown munday are bad at creating stupid images of the east indian community... today 2 guys were caught in Edmonton for credit card frauds and other things like that... 3rds on a canada wide wanted list... stupid stupid ppl...

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Also brown munday are bad at creating stupid images of the east indian community... today 2 guys were caught in Edmonton for credit card frauds and other things like that... 3rds on a canada wide wanted list... stupid stupid ppl...

I completely agree with you there. I think punjabi munday in Bc want tupac as their guroo and follow his life style their whole life end up either in the jail, suffering, street kids or get killed. Its remind of bindy johal. He is an sad example how dream of gettin everything in life either by hook or crook ends. I also think parents should be equally blamed. They think by creating mansions and making their kids happy by give the keys of their beamers would help them to survive in this world be happy forever. Here are some of the verse for them:

You should die in shame when you say that this is my house, because nothing belongs to you at the time of the death (Gauri Kabir, P. 325)

He says again:

Someone has amassed his wealth of five lakhs(half an million) the time of death his mettalic pitcher lies broken (Gauri Kabir, p- 337)

At another place he says:

O stray mind! Do not be fradulent, this will reflect on you at the time of death (Sorath Kabir P. 656)

According to Guru arjan dev:

The sons, wife and all other men and women of the household- all these are the relatives for the sake of Maya and at the time of death, no one from them will stand there to save you; all these are false relations

(Soorah M 5 P 609)

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My papa and I were having a big discussion on this once we heard what happened... Edmonton's heading in the wrong direction and at a faster rate than surrey is... horrible stuff indeed.... but the stupid community is far more involved with amassing wealth for the Gurdhwara (which they eat themselves) then about the youth , there is no guidance here anymore... I seriously feel like going up on stage at the Gurdhwara and blasting everyone for the direction they have shown the youngsters.... to them all that matters is money any way to get it and spend it...

I happened to know the third guy that they're looking for, not personally, but as a youth, he was part of the Gurdhwara sewa committee... not a gursikh mind u.... these chaps are all messed up big time..

PLEASE NOTE: there was a typo that was drawn to my attention... the third guy isn't a gursikh and I meant not... not now.... sorry ppl....

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Not suprised at all ji. Unfortunetely greed doesnt go away just because you take amrit. Amrit is an enrolment in the khalsa spirtual school. Flith of mind or control of 5 vices has to be cleansed before amrit from sarbloh-batta can go in. :D

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We should have proctection groups. Unfortunately a lot of 1st generation are still brainswashed with Gandhi's idea that you should be non-violent! :evil:

I don't think you ever been to Canada because non-violence and punjabi don't get along in canada...lol

Also, lets not give a Gandhi credit for non-violence when we all know this that it was started by Namdhari Sikhs.

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Fateh Singh di Fateh Bulai Parvan Karni

I just wanted to point out that Namdhari Singhs did not use 'non-violence' but rather 'boycott' is the correct word. Force was used whenever it was needed. This was started BY Satguru Ram Singh Ji HIMSELF (and not started later as it seems that's what Mr. Lalleshvari is thinking). Many false propaganda has been sadly put forth to the public's eyes that the Namdhari Panth started by Guru Ram Singh was somehow 'different' or 'changed' by politics etc. This is plain BASELESS FALSEHOOD.

Fateh Singh

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Yes, we can call it "boycott" but we should not ignore the fact that M.K Gandhi was inspired to use this "non-violence" because he saw Baba Ram singh doing it. He has mentioned it as well somewhere I forgot about it. Also, I won't deny the fact that he was real implementer of this "non-violence" tool in India for freedom but his inspiration came from Namdhari sikhs and that's the fact.

I appreciate his way of using "non-violence" to extreme with perfection but I can't ignore his stance towards our Guru Gobind singh ji, punjabi people and punjab, that was disappointing and discouraging for the sikhs or lets just say for the contribution of Punjabi people for the indian freedom.

I won't call him "Mahatma" ( e.g great soul) as he was not on that level because after reading his views towards sikhs and punjabis I can clearly see his descrimination.

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There's no doubt about it. From MK Gandhi to Indra Gandhi they all outwardly sang the praises of the Guru but only the Guru knows what kind of people they really were. Politicians are never trustworthy but for some reason even Guru Gobind Singh gave assistance to Bahadur Shah, knowing full well of his true intentions. We can only try to learn what the Guru is trying to teach us.

Fateh Singh

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these things Canadian Jatti talks about is not something that is specific to Canada but apne munday accross the WORLD always latch onto the "bad" things of other cultures and make it their own.

what we must question is ...... WHY is this so? WHY do they feel the need to do this? and lastly WHAT can we do about this?

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