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Where are the Asurs, etc. Nowadays

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11 hours ago, Koi said:

There are plenty walking around in a three piece suit

asurs - origins vedics meaning demons.   Look around there are many in fancy dress from cloths, dhootis, salwaar kamzees pyjama suits, white & blue robes - 

Dont let the exterior fool you. As daily we are reminded 

source anand sahib : "Jeehau male baaharhau nirmal. Baahrahu nirmal Jeehau ta maile tinee janam jooaai haariaa."

source benti chapauia : "ghat ghat antar kee jaanat. Bhale bhure keepeer pachhanat"

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On 11/29/2016 at 4:57 AM, tva prasad said:

Where r the asurs, rakshesh, etc. nowadays? Since it's the time of kalijug I thought there would be more of them.

There is a sakhi (can someone please confirm it), where Vishnu jee defeats and then throws all the demons out of this planet earth. Shukaracharya (the guru of Demons) tells Vishnu jee that the humans, whom who are protecting, will commit worse deeds than demons in Kaljug.


Bhul chuk maaf

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Demons and angels are very much at work actively all the time, though we cannot see them. The book Delivered from the powers of darkness highlights some of their activities. They are invisible forces as this articles points out the differences between them. Angels and demons have the same powers but they use them for a different purpose. This is why it is important that we always say our prayers and utter Waheguru in times of difficulty for divine help. 


A person who commits the most sinful acts continuously in this life like murder etc... will be given the capacity to become a pret (ghost) in his next life and keep on influencing wrong behaviours. 

Demons are different to ghosts.


There was a time when there were no demons in the world i.e satyug. The following article explains the timescales of the yugs.



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13 hours ago, amardeep said:

In the beginning of the Dasam Granth it states that 'good' people are gods and evil people are demons. So in a sense, people filled up with the five vikaars (especially anger) could in a mythological sense be seen as demons in human form

The above are the anthriv arths. When we are doing simran, we are like angels/demi-Gods. When we do bad deeds, we are behaving like demons. It is similar to saying that a human body has the 3 main Demi-Gods (Brahma jee, Vishnu jee and Shivjee) within it.

In this existence, demons do exist on a physical level too. 


Bhul chuk maaf

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