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  1. Waheguru - Inspiration for us all Veer jee. Beautifully. May Waheguru transgress this light of love for all.
  2. Tonights SuperMoon ! Next visible in 2034. Gurpurab (Birth) Guru Nanak Dev jee is same dates posing a full larger than life moon! Beautiful not to be missed!
  3. @jaikaara Veerji - is there any links of locations of DharamSalas that can be shared ? (I want to get a one ticket to there :-) WJKK WJKK
  4. Thanks Veerji. I went to the mentioned in west london Elusive on drop in visits a year or so ago. It did not gel, the days I did turn up the Sensi was away so training was a bit free- form which frustrated me - as in a Dojo I was used t o discipline. I will try the Shepherds Bush one on google and possibly pop back to springfield road near Sira on a day that the Sensi is actually taking the class. WJKK WJKF
  5. WJKK WJKF - wow. After trying many dojos - for tae kwon do to karate to jits jitsu to muay thai - I was always fascinated and intrigued by the Chinese philosophic. If you know of any locations females can train in london - a basic level as I dont see myself going hunting - its a certain mindset needed to kill. It would be awesome to map these over to Sikh Philosophies and of course keep fit in the process (as eating prashad everyday).... Note I have tried a few Gatka schools in west london and these do not compare to the Dojos in london or canada.
  6. Funny that - Islam also believes in one God and they believe Halleujah spelt backwards are angels actually singing Allah Hu. Vedic teachings also believed in one God - I havent read the vedic scriptures but know Pandits that have and agree Hindus believe in One God - the concept of idol worship came much later as divisions in Hindu scriptures begun post Vedas.
  7. Agree with this. We all are at various Avaastas in our spiritual development. Given Kirpa (blessings and guidance) , when the time is right - Akaal Purkah will guide to the place of a Maha Maha Sant. As developing into inner depths of Gurbani is layered. Koi Naara Koi Door, Karmi Apna Apna (which includes Karams of previous life times). So dont be hard on yourself and dont chase the sunset, work towards it - else chasing it you loose the essence. Allow it to be with an open heart and firm practice to recognize oneself deeply first Apna Mol Pechan. Bhul Chuk Maaf Karana Mere Waheguru
  8. Precisely, I have met many Hindus with this monotheistic view from vedas.
  9. Sadh Sangat and Sat Sangat - Often I found surrounded by magnificent nature. Khudarat. When there is no sikhs around.
  10. Sadh Sangeet Jee - Does anybody know where a full collection of Rattan (Jewel) Giani Makeen Jees kathas can be found ? I have looked up youtube - looking for full portal. WJKK WJKF
  11. WJKK WJKF Veer Jee's Is the literal meaning of Rom Rom from Sanskrit or Persian meaning body parts (ie all inclusive of every cell that makes up a human universe) ? As recently I came across some Bullah Shah Poetry where Rom Rom is also mentioned. Growing hair is a significance of allowing to be rather than objectified for myself (having weekly trips to waxing parlours was painful and now I feel liberated. And will not be going back !) Apart from the objectification, a greater mystic, earthly, grounding element exits to growing hair across many cultures from native Americans, i
  12. WJKK WJKF Thank you veerji for sharing. Hanji - absolutely spot on. I went to ask the video sharer source and like you state the women is of the Rajput Clan (north India). Dress of women and the men in rajashatani style turbans also denoted north India. However, Puja to Durga Ma (aka Kala Ma) is done a lot in south India (as my parents told me). Hence why I was baffled a bit. Agree totally on neo sikhism trying to hijack. When there are unparallel eternal references all over - one of which you clearly share on Khanda carvings in Chandi caves and of course shaastra Puja which have b
  13. Obviously you need to increase your theology knowledge on ISM - HindiuISM, SikhISM, BuddhISM (funny the abhramic religions are not embedded with ISM). Nobody is meddling. Its about seeking the truth. The truth of where roots go to. Not just believe what your told with no subjective open mind and heart. Without questioning and truly knowing, you become yet another sheep. Blind leading Blind.
  14. WJKK WJKF thanks veerji. I can forward the video on a shared whatsapp channel - unless theres a way to download it? Jaikaara Veer ji please let us know. Bhul Chuk Maaf
  15. Sikh -ism does not exist. A colonial concept. Sikhi has existed through primordial universes
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