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What is Naam?

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Simple question , I have some confusion, as I always associated it with Gurmantra and gurbani. However was contemplating sukhmani sahib," Naam kay dhaaray ...." all the brahmands, planets, universere etc.  So what is the naam we are asking for from Guru Maharaj ji.  Would appreciate some meditators from the forum possibly helping me out.  Thanks ji

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What is Naam?

Nam is the only eternal, permanent and changeless Truth, rest is all maya.

That is why Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj tells us right from the begining : Sat Nam.

It is the Supreme Truth, in the sense all else changes and is subject to fade out one day.

This Nam is also the creative power (Karta Purukh) of all that exists, seen or unseen, and also the sustainer of all that exists.

One ray of this Truth in anything made from the 5 tattwas, gets life, gets consciousness, right from the vegetable kingdom up to the realms of trinities, devtas, gods, godessess...etc.....far  much beyond all this is Sach Khand, the permanent abode of that Nam, Shabad, Waheguru Akal Purukh, where that Supreme Power retrieves when Parlay and Mahaparlay takes place, until that Power by His own will/ Hukum, wants to create again.

This power fears none and has no enemies, (Nirbav  and Nirvair), needs of nothing and nobobody to exist, it is Saebhang, means self sufficient, then it is not subject to any births and deaths (Akal Moorat).

This very power, when it retrieves from anyone, we say it is dead.

When it retrives from any gross creation to the realms up to Brahmand, we say Parlay takes place;  then when it retrieves from the the finer realms below Sach Khand, we say Maha Parlay takes place, and then, this power beyond our limited intellect, remains abosrbed in Itself.... until as said before, He wishes to expand and project Himself and create the Creation, but of course nothing can be said before hand, for it is all His Mauj, that´s it.

Any minnimum description or mahanta of this Nam, is just impossible, for even the gods, devtays nor trinities, do not know anything about Him.

But it is by His kirpa, that we can recognize and merge in Him.

In this respect, the Bani says:

Ik Oankar Sat Nam, Satgur parsad jap.

Which means, there is only one Lord Creator, which is the True Nam, and which is realized by His kirpa alone,  with its Jap, as seen in the verse below

ਨਾਮੁ ਲੈਤ ਪਰਗਟਿ ਉਜੀਆਰਾ

Naam Laith Paragatt Oujeeaaraa ||

Repeating the Naam, the Divine Light blazes forth.




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