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  1. Yes, they pronounce the akhars very clearly not in a subtle manner like many of the other ustaads. Its not a major difference however i was just pointing out there differences between various ustaads and pronunciations. There are some differences of bhindhis and vishraams as well. Doesnt make one right and the others wrong. Thats all i wanted to add to the topic.
  2. Just look at the pronunciation differences between Giani Surjit Singh Sodhi ji, Bhagat Jaswant Singh ji (gursevak) and Baba Baldev Singh ji jogewal. Also thats just within Damdami taksal. If you compare to Sato Gali Wali taksal (shaheed bhai mani singh ji), you'll find even more differences. Even though imo its still best to learn from an expierenced ustaad understand that not everyone can. As for sihari i personally pronounce it subtle eh, but if you listen to Bhagat Jaswant Singh jis, its not a subtle eh at all. And thats okay too.
  3. Fair, you are who you are and lets us walk our paths. Only jumped in because you pointed to taksal santhiya and implied that it is uniform. When that is far from the case, there are many differences within taksal, of pronunciations. Even chaal isnt uniform.
  4. Ive been looking into it and ojas seems to be a core part of ayurvedic thought of medicine. I am somewhat familar with the balancing of pitta/vata/kapha in ayurveda. Not sure how familar you are with it but ojas is linked with kapha. If you do have yogi bachans lectures, i would be interested in reading them and his explanation of ojas.
  5. As someone whos learned from taksal and various ustaads, even the many students of Sant Gurbachan Singh ji have differences in how they teach and pronounce things. There are many differences within "Taksal santhiya" as you call it. Only bringing this up as I dont understand the need for all the swearing you do and condescending tone of your posts.Especially on these forums as im pretty sure thats not the teachings of your vidhya guru or sggsji but your own ego.
  6. Here is swami vivekanands description. Seems to be referring to ojas as the kundalini energy rising. He is talking about shushmana opening here as well after balancing of ida/pingla.
  7. I have heard many different schools of thought on ojas and energy conversion into ojas. Swami Vivekanand referred to sexual energy being transferred into ojas. Have read about about another line of thought that ojas is sexual energy and needs to be converted into divine energy. My own opinion is that both these lines of thought are just referring to the same thing, just using different words. What is ojas? And how does it effect one on their journey? Would appreciate input from, @Lucky @Xylitol @Sat1176
  8. The word generally refers to seeker, one who is walking on the path to merge. One who hasn't become jeevan mukth(not just from chaurasi)/self realized/brhamgyani, whichever word you want to use yet etc.
  9. Personally don't know of any puran mahatmas however area does have quite a few abhiyaases. I believe Simar Singh from mysimran is from the area.
  10. I was referring to the base sound current heard early on. I think Lucky ji was referring to the same ....hopefully. Sooo sooo would just be a punjabi way of saying it ..... imagining a grandma trying to explain it to doctor in punjabi...( sooo-onh-sooonh) sorry off topic
  11. Waheguru Great discussion last few days bro. Quick question here, you would ignore the sooo soooo( love the description) while doing saas saas correct? When does it become beneficial to listen to the sooo sooo in your opinion? as it does get really loud when you let it.
  12. The English translations are very off. Many people get confused with the worlds defined as planets. When in reality Guru Maharaj ji is describing the spirtual planes(realms), the higher ones and lower ones, 14, . Also all together they are sometimes mentioned as 3 lokas. Any advanced seeker can tell you more about them. @Lucky Has previously posted stuff about them before as well I believe. As for planets, in the scientific sense, Guru maharaj ji says anek, kot , or countless.
  13. Simple question , I have some confusion, as I always associated it with Gurmantra and gurbani. However was contemplating sukhmani sahib," Naam kay dhaaray ...." all the brahmands, planets, universere etc. So what is the naam we are asking for from Guru Maharaj ji. Would appreciate some meditators from the forum possibly helping me out. Thanks ji @Lucky @Sat1176 @BhagatSingh
  14. Thanks bro, had me confused. His video seems to imply he seems to think all kundalini awakenings are forced where thats obviously not the case.
  15. I recently came across this clip. Benti to ignore the policical motivations from both sides, as I'm just confused about his description of what kundalini does, and how he describes it as going away after few months. Can any advanced meditator please explain better about what Ranjit Singh is referring to? And is what he saying correct in terms of how it works? VID-20170326-WA0003.mp4
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