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Singh means the Highest Self" - Gobind Gita P:10-really interesting passage from Gobind Gita

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Guru Gobind Singh ji quoted Guru Nanak Dev ji's arti hymn just before Krishan ji showed his viraat swaroop?


Singh is related to Narsingh.

One could say Khalsa is Narsingh swaroop, created to protect the saints, just like how Narsingh ji came to protect his saint, Prahlaad ji.

Guru Hari Gobind ji planted this seed after the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev ji.

And Guru Gobind Singh ji nourished it into a tree.

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There are many passages within the Gobind Gita that links it to the Khalsa. I studied it some years ago and came across many passages similiar to this:

These teachings apply equally to the Khalsa

It was for the benefit of the Khalsa, that Krishna discussed these topics. etc. Sarbloh Granth at many Places also Refer to the Gita and Upanishads

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57 minutes ago, amardeep said:

Gita is only mentioned once 

Yea directly, Gita is only mentioned once, Upnishad are not mentioned at all, whereas Ved, Puran, Smriti and Shastr are mentioned many times.

But I wouldn't take that to mean Gita is not as important.

It must be pointed out that the theological structure, the teachings, etc of Guru Granth Sahib and Bhagawad Gita are very similar if not the same.

Also 'mentioned' is a weak word.

Since many of the personalities that the Saints (of Guru Granth Sahib) venerated are from these books, I would say that these books were also venerated by the Saints.

So when they said for examples that the Ved cannot fully comprehend Hari, they are referring to how incomprehensible and infinite Hari is that even the best spiritual texts can not fully comprehend him.

Which is precisely the opposite of how some sikhs perceive these spiritual texts today.



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