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Any Shabad which is similar to this sutra


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Not sure about above quote but this quote below by Adi Sankarcharaya is compatible and similiar with gurbani updesh:

Brahma satyan jagat mithya, jivo brahmaiva naparah

The world is illusion, bhraman alone is real.

Later he said- world is bhraman.

This is compatible with gurmat/gurbani updesh when maharaj says- world is mithiya-false and illusion in shalok nauvan and updesh in asa di var and anand sahib- vahiguru alone is real and eh sansar har ka roop.

Both of the teachings above should not be looked at from philosophical stand point only,  but also actual direct experience in meditation in stages- one initially starts off as witness consciousness where world seems fogy and unreal floating- world is illusion but witness consciousness position is real- bhraman later when seer and seen- witness and what is being witness collapses into background raw awareness totality- in direct experience itself perception of subject and object ceases only bhraman / har roop remains whatever is seen is bhraman and real.


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