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Are we in Duapar or Kaljug?

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9 hours ago, paapiman said:

@tva prasad - Can you also please re-post the video in the op?



Bhul chuk maaf



9 hours ago, paapiman said:

Thanks for the information.

Any reference in Gurbani to the divine/celestial years?



Bhul chuk maaf

I'm not sure if Gurbani clearly talks about this, however, in SGGS it is mentioned that at the start of creation that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were created at the start and will later be destroyed when the great parloh comes. It is important to note that there is different types of parloh (some types are caused by Shiv ji, as he is the destroyer but there is one caused by Akal Purakh himself where not even Brahma, Shiv and Vishnu remain- the universe is destroyed completely to start a new). 

In the 5th Chapter of Kurma Purana is written as follows:

  1. At the close of that period, all living beings get dissolved in Prakrti, their source. Hence, this is called the reabsorption into Prakrti (Prakrta Pratisaicara) by wise men.

  2. It is said that in due course of time, Brahma, Narayana and Isa (Rudra), all the three, become merged in Prakrti and their remanifestation also is to take place.

  3. Thus, Brahma, the elements (or all living beings)and even Vasudeva and Sankara are created by Kala (time). He alone devours them again.

  4. This Lord Kala is beginningless, endless, free from old age or decay and immortal. He is the Supreme Ruler because of his omnipresence, independence and his state of being the soul of all.

  5. There have been many Brahmas, Rudras, Narayanas and others, but there is one Lord controller of all viz. Kala. He is omniscient. So states the Śruti (Vedas).

Also check out this website for a better insight:


I admit that it is confusing as different gods are described at the end which we might have little to no knowledge of, hence I recommend you read this, please:


It is quite hard to understand, that is why I think Gurbani is special in a sense that it does not bother with other gods as much and only talks of Akal Purakh. Humans in Kaliyuga do not have enough intelligence to understand the deep rooted philosophies of the Vedas, resulting in worship of lower deities. However, gurbani goes straight to the point and stops us from wasting time learning about deep philosophies which go straight over our heads. Gurbani is the true essence and message which is deeply rooted in all the vedas, upanishad, simritis, shatras, etc. It is the divine knowledge; the eternal truth. One may read Vedas, etc. again and again but it is hard to grasp the knowledge for us low beings, hence guru ji gave us low lives gurbani which is powerful enough to liberate us when everything fails. The vedas, Puranas, Yajnas, Yoga, etc. is great to learn but cannot deliver from this deep ocean of sorrows in this age (Kaliyuga) but could in the previous ages, hence one must fully devote oneself to the Perfect God, through naam simran and Gurbani. 

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6 hours ago, Singhalok said:

As per Sri Yukteshwar Giri, Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda, in his book the Holy Science, Dwapar Yuga began in 1699. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holy_Science

Cool story. According to Gurbani it's Kalyug. Which is directly verifiable a variety of ways. 

Only somebody with zero understanding of Gurmat could say that with a straight face. 

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On 9/8/2018 at 11:28 PM, tva prasad said:


In Vedas and Puranas, the cycle of the yugas is described as depicted in the above diagram. 



This is the diagram he is going by. I have never encountered the description of this in any ancient Sanatan scriptures when reading them. Moreover, he is calculating the duration of the yugas through celestial or divine years which are much longer compared to human years.

Image result for 4 yugas in hinduism

Thus, Sadhguru got his calculations. 

Looking at the current circumstances, I agree with the first diagram and believe that we are currently in Kaliyuga. Furthermore, Kalki Avtar is yet to come. 

The best chart I saw was longer. It matches science and Gurbani the best. Kalyug alone was 250k, and the total Mahayugh was more like 10million. 

It places us about 6k the 250. 

However there are prophecies that a mini Satyug sprouts for about 1200 years. This Satyug seeds the actual and eventual recovery of the Kalyug over time. 

In terms of where we are on the wheel of time? The bottom, under water, about to see the sun for 1000 years, with a long natural recovery. 

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