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Lets talk provincial Ontario Elections


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Lets talk provincial Ontario Elections, its only 9 weeks away. Who you guys voting ? Hope its not too personal to ask? Which party and why?

I haven't decided yet, I be voting either liberals or ndp for couple of reasons:

1. Universal pharma care

2- Free day care

3 free dental

4. Minimum wage to $15 next year to address low income families across the board

5. Serious infrastructure investment- high speed rail between toronto to windsor travel time 1 hr 30 mins only.


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Liberals move to increase the minimum wage to $14/hr from $11.60/hr (20%+ increase) was ridiculous. They should have gradually increased the wages. Now, the labor force is possibly under more pressure by the managements across the country. Timmies already has reduced employee benefits and cut paid breaks.

Doug Ford plans to scarp sex ed curriculum, which might be a great move.


Bhul chuk maaf 

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I agree with your point. However, poverty levels in ontario especially living affordability in GTA out weighs gradually increased min wage. People who are living close to poverty line or those who can hardly afford food and housing need solutions now than waiting for gradual increase. Yes tim hortons cut lot of benefits, but they also received lot of back lash due to that. Ontario gov't made example out of these organization. I think it was good move. BC announcing $14 gradually, it just not enough, if you are working at minimum wage and try to live in vancouver area or even resort area-whistler no way you can afford rental housing let alone owning any kind of property. I was just in vancouver last weekend, went through greater vancouver area to go to UBC , it just not affordable for students to work at min wage and study live close by UBC, i dont know how they survive on min wage working at star bucks, second cup or blend cofee.


By the way, countries like australia they already at $17.70 per hour

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