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The merchant gurus: Sikhism and the development of the medieval Khatri merchant family


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In the history of Sikhism it has been firmly established that the Khatri caste played a significant
role in the development of the medieval Sikh community. Moreover, the Khatris in the Mughal
period grew into a prominent commercial and scribal caste. However it has never been considered
why Sikhism, in the context of the Khatri’s medieval commercial expansion, attracted
a large Khatri following. In this article I endeavour to explore the appeal of Sikhism to the
medieval Khatri community by examining early Sikh thought on trade and commerce. In addition,
I attempt to embed the influence of Sikhism within the development of the medieval Khatri
merchant family. And consider how the growth of the Khatri merchant network resulted in the
spread of Sikhism across Mughal north India.



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22 hours ago, paapiman said:

Most likely, Khatris must have provided financial support to the Singhs during their difficult phase against the Mughals.


Bhul chuk maaf

Yes. Going by extant hukam-namas from dasmesh pita's time, they seem to have had quite a sophisticated credit system in operation even back then. This would have helped Guru ji with acquisitions of various kinds during warfare. 

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