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I asked Waheguru to «Gajj Vajj, Vajj Gajj Chaar Jugeh (aenons) to me, to take away my pain. Sangat ji is there anyone here who can give me this blessing

Guest Pyara Singh

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On 8/23/2018 at 5:45 AM, Guest Pyara Singh said:

Is there anyone who can feel my pain and give me this blessing? I have nothing left to do or say to the world

Brother Pyara Guest Jee,

So sorry to hear about your pain.

We must bear in mind, all our pains, pleasures, gains, losses, health, wealth, birth, death, honor, dishonor .... are all due to our own past karma , then also,  the biggest pain which can one have, is to be "bemukh" from Wahiguru.

So brother, whatever we get, is nothing but the reaping of our very own karmas, and there is no such magic stick  to waver and remove away those karmas. 

Clouds come, pour rain and pass away. So too, our karmas come, give us our earned fruits  in form of pleasure or pain, and go away. Some stay longer due to the climatological conditions, but definetely, pass away at its due time.

Brother, I am not trying to put you down, but just trying to explain  you how the law of karma works.

Having said that, we have 2 options, either wail and shout, or accept that law of karma, and at the same time, take shelter at His Lotus Feet, through His sincere bhakti.

For then, He who is the  source of all bliss and joy shall come and stay in our chit. And when our attention or let us say, our mind is focussed on Him, we do not feel the effects of the karmas, for we have arised our surtee above the mental spheres, then brother, there is nothing, but  He permeating our whole being with His divine presence, and then we feel only Anand.

The Bani says: Anand bhayaa, sukh paaya, mil Guru Govinda.

To send you blessings, it costs nothing, so brother, whoever you are, wherever you are, howsoever you are, you have my blessings and good wishes, but then also, we are nothing, it is He at all  times within everyone,  and  He  also, is the "kartar", the real Doer.

Stay blessed.

Sat Sree Akal.

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On 8/23/2018 at 2:45 PM, Guest Pyara Singh said:

Is there anyone who can feel my pain and give me this blessing? I have nothing left to do or say to the world

Brother, this is what I have witnessed throughout my life, and I shall share this with you. I have discovered that if it seems like Vaheguru is not listening to your ardaas, there is always a deeper reason for the greater good behind it. Another thing is, pain is the result of previous karam, if not now you will probably go through it at another point in life.  Be strong, be patient- be a man and push through it. If you are destined for happiness, it will surely come to you. 

I think I might be able to help you better if I knew your situation, however you don't have to disclose it if you don't feel like it. 

I wish you best of luck, may Vaheguru help you out of your misery. :) 

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