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Sat Sri Akaal All

You must be wondering why I created another topic when we already have a similar very successful topic here with similar heading. Haina? I agree. But let me narrate my experience and this is gonna be a long one. May take days. Please bear with me. 

I have gained alot from this site and this may be my small pay back. Thanks a tonn @Sat1176. I can't thank you enough for documenting your experience here. M trying to follow you. 

Ok, about two years ago I started feeling this sweet taste in my mouth. as I searched for its causes on internet, I rather got upset. All it talks about is diseases and I knew I was not unwell. Rather I felt more positive, more happy and may be more active those days.

But after reading all those negative things for caution sake i went for a Blood sugar level check up.. Ok my blood sugar was much lower .. then?? I was naturally worried.. Instead of being thankful.

I started to get annoyed as that taste appeared and I almost lost it... I got more concious of it, I noticed, there was one very strong relationship between the taste and meditation. As I sat for my paath Or thought about my Guru Sahib or spoke about him, heard his kirtan etc that sensation returned and there was nothing unpleasant about it.

Yes, it was rather a nectar. Amrit, Fruit of my meditation. And sat veere has confirmed my feelings

Sweet Nectar Taste in Mouth From Simran

Am thankful that I found out that I am not alone to get this feeling.

Guru Granth Sahib also talks about it as “ Gunge ki Mithiyaayi. “ The sweet for the mute person as he can't express his taste you see..





It was tough.. No one believed as I told them that my saliva tastes sweet… yeah that was stupid and it was better for me to be quiet about it.. 




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I have received a couple of inquiries after these posts where Gurmukhs have been asking how I have been doing Simran.. First of all I have NOT acheived anything and no special powers or something. I am nobody.

That's not being humble but the truth, I have heard Gurmukhs having Avasthas of meeting TRUE LIGHT- Being Enlightened. , Seeing Auras of others, hearing Naad and so on, me being a spec of dust to their feet, have not attained any such awastha yet. Just the eternal peace and love that I get from my Guru ji is what I intend to spread. If I succeed or inspire anyone to walk on this path, I would be more than happy. 

Along with Moorakh, we have started this blog here with different pages on different topics, which I will update here too and extended version ( just in case any of sangat members want to read more) here👇


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Here is my new content for saas saas Simran for beginners. Stage 1


This site has wonderful content of course, like

Just that I wanted something simple- for beginners. Hope sangat ji would benefit. 


Thanks all. 

Pls let me if I could be of any help to anyone


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Sat Sri Akaal all

Today I spoke about saaa gras simran. Few points from the same has been jotted down



Yeah.. it's just a fancy word these days, meditation is about - being …. About going beyond the mind and entering into dimensions of the unknown..

Meditation as a state of silent witnessing – witnessing till the stage where you are not the body, not the mind, not your emotions or sensations, in fact, that you are not even the ‘you’ you thought you were.

Here's where the details are




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, I wanted to confess that Amritrass not only appears but disappears too. I had a big argument in the family about a month ago and I said a few things in rage as anger took over me, which I regretted saying later. But I lost all the amrit Rass from my mouth. I regret it so much. I was so sad. So sorry. Though I wasn't wrong in putting my point  just that in heated moment I hurt someone's feelings in the way I said it.. 

It took me a month to apologize and convince waheguru ji and make up for what I have lost. I have now got it bck but at the beginers level only. 

Please I am putting this here and in sweet taste thread, so that anyone who is going through this may not commit the same mistake I did. 


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On 12/22/2019 at 7:17 PM, Still nascent said:


Here's the link to join Gurudwara Prabhu milne ka chao akath katha group via watsapp for any interested sangat




Follow this link t join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KgfO2VYqWNDFctKMqjTzlX


Wjkk wjkf

The 2 links are the same. Are they 2 different groups?

Wjkk Wjkf

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