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  1. yaar tusi te bade gusse plus jaldi vich lagde ho? I told you I didn't understand it then .. It's a matter of practice. Of experience. It's Not the matter of explainations... Ok tell me something I was hungry I ate something filling I am satisfied now, if a guest comes to me and ask me how did your tummy get satisfied by what you ate. I don't know what to tell him. All I can tell him is I was hungry. I got food. It satisfied me. But how? I have no clue.. That's how its meant to be. Earth is round. It revolves around the Sun but why nd how? I don't know.. As you progress in Bhakti you cr
  2. They are all traps bro. There are thousands of worlds out there. Paataala paatal lakh agaasa aagaas orak orak bhaal thake.. Keep on searching and getting tired. The only parmeshwar is sarab vyaapak- omnipresent. Why waste time in searching Astral worlds when we can feel him as close as our eyes
  3. No brother, they both are the students of PMKC Moga. We should put our dhyaan as per Dharamjeet Singh ji on a point outside our forhead. He points at it about 6 inches bahar than forhead Or nose end and Simranjeet Singh tohana calls the same as khali khala. Point is same only the manner of saying is different. That's what I have understood. I stand to be corrected.
  4. When I was small and ask questions like these my mom used to say "beta Gurbani buddhi da vishey( subject) nahi hai" I didn't understand then but now I do. Meri matt thori Ram
  5. So what do you both suggest, shall I keep on walking my path without any particular teacher among these. Keep on picking tits and tats from here and there with SGGS as my everything as sukhpreet says.
  6. Exactly is what is happening with me too. Thanks sat ji for this, you have given it words. I am drowning and I know I am but don't know how to save myself. Looking for sangat we created a group of a few like minded Gurmukhs, but then each has a different teacher one among you mentioned and a few more. Who's that ONE teacher to follow is my quest. I got to Amrit ras - sehaj subhaay and then thought it was a disease for lack of knowledge. Started following other Mat's philosphers. Something similar happened to mooorakh bhn, she got close to dhund before seeing Parmatma and thought it
  7. Yeah, seems in place. The content and the little pic on it matches. That's the point. He has practical gyaan. He sounds genuine only this is skeptical? ( pic below I have hidden the number intentionally)
  8. Thank you veerji, that's the sound of my logical mind too. As for mann - it's asking me to follow that person cos there's no flaw that logical mind could find, which among them is Atma di awaaz is my dubidha
  9. No no brother, it's not that he said Onkaar jap, he said Onkaar kar sakde jo, waheguru kar sakde jo, Hari, Allah any.. He himself does Waheguru simran and so do I. Thank you ji. I do saas gras but i will do inward pumps as well, that may help my bulging tummy too : - ) Now that's a story brother. I heard about this Veerji from a learned Gurmukh, he also sent these recordings. I downloaded this app, got his number from there and called him. Don't ask me why because I am still asking this myself. Now this person had a strong persona. A very strong vibration, he said he c
  10. This Gurmukh has some sort of power - siddhi i may say @hsingh6 , I don't recommend him on the forum because I am not sure if it's permitted in Sikhi but to be honest I felt the power in his pran. You decide yourself. I am refering NOT recommending https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.atamgian This is his app on playstore. Is also available on Apple Store. Gurfateh ji
  11. Sat Sri Akal all, I happen to meet a gurmukh today, we were casually discussing abhyaas and he mentioned " Twade praana vich bot kampan hai. " He told me to do kapaalbhaati - exhale 20-30 times powerfully Can someone please elaborate more on this and yoga and meditation in sikhi part. Please @Lucky @Sat1176 @Mooorakh @DeNiro @tva prasad @HisServant and other abhiyaasis n guests. Your inputs are welcome
  12. And as for kirtan. You are # learned enough to refer to Bani as to what actually kirtan is. Our Gurus have given such signifance to raags and dhunis. Those who hear anhad naads would know the importance of kirtan like moorakh bhenji but if you are disgracing a Gurmukh taunting about tolerance, I personally find you intolerant rather. Not just anything or anyone can do kirtan ਗਉੜੀ ਮਹਲਾ ੫ ॥ Ga▫oṛī mėhlā 5. Gauree, Fifth Mehl: ਥਾਤੀ ਪਾਈ ਹਰਿ ਕੋ ਨਾਮ ॥ Thāṯī pā▫ī har ko nām. Those who obtain the wealth of the Lord's Name ਬਿਚਰੁ ਸੰਸਾ
  13. Such a disgrace, a person calls himself a sikh, keeps on lecturing people on principles, sikhi, rights and wrongs etc etc more than anyone else and couldn't take a line long feedback? Taunting a female on the forum is such a manly act paaji i am impressed. So much content each day made me think what kind of person is this? I asked you, your avastha cos you act being the head here..now you proved You would have utilized your time in chanting or studying Gurbani instead. Number of pictures or panktis on a forum only makes things difficult for others to look for, doesn't prove your high
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