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Some people disrespect our gurus

Guest Kanwal

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Waheguru ji! 

Who would eat POTTY then? They are a part of waheguru ji's game meant to eat the filth of spiritual people.- Nindaks

Kanvar veere I can understand that you got disgusted but you should have not brought this filth to our dining table here!

Ok let me explain, what I mean- I used to think the same way like you do but not any more- you were passing through a dirty lane. You saw a man eating and vomiting filth. You got disgusted - now there are three ways to react- ((unless he's someone close to you)) 

1. You would just let him be and leave that place immediately ( as Kabir ji says "dooru jaiye bhaag") 

2. You would join him ((heated argument/ abusing him/ calling his Devi Devta same) 

3. Call the sweepers to clean the mess so that others may not stumble up on such shit ( report the comment to fb as abusive/ hatred remark by right clicking and they will remove that comment and notify you. 

But please don't post it here and there and make others eat this 💩💩💩

Also please avoid entering such dirty lanes (I avoid opening comments normally

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27 minutes ago, Still nascent said:


:-)  lecture! lecture! lecture! 

You have started taking your profession too seriouisly lately.😛 



😂😂😂 true.. Veli haa naa

Lockdown effects... How are you? Long time. .. Did you attend 3.30 ( my time) katha yesterday?? It was cool and as all started talking after ... Wait ! I ll watsapp this is not the right place to chat. 

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