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The Lost Homestead: My Mother, Partition and the Punjab - Marina Wheeler (Boris Johnson's ex wife)


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On 11/12/2020 at 10:11 PM, dalsingh101 said:

This looks interesting. Marina Wheeler is Boris Johnson's first wife who has four kids with him. Her mother was from a Sikh background by the looks of it. According to this DM article, she looks like she wants to discover her 'lost heritage'. This is pertinent to me because recently I've been spending time with younger mixed race relatives, and some of the older ones now seem to resent being encouraged to be indifferent to the Sikh side of their heritage when growing up.




Ms Wheeler was able to speak to her mother, Dip Singh, about her experiences in India, before she died of bowel cancer in February.

When her mother was 14, they were forced to flee their side of the Punjab after it ended up on the side of Pakistan

Her family left their comfortable life and moved to Delhi, though Ms Wheeler says she has no recollection of ever meeting her grandfather. 

She told GMB: 'I was brought up very British - I don't know any Indian languages - and my mother made this conscious decision not to teach us any. 

'It was this complete blank canvas, this whole side of my heritage, and I wanted to discover that. 

Speaking to Radio 4 about her mother, Ms Wheeler said: 'On one level it is simply that she came from a generation who didn't talk about their lives.


Did you read it ?

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3 hours ago, Premi said:

Did you read it ?

No I didn't. Have to direct funds to other needs other than books right now. 

Might get it from library. Waiting for that book on cholesterol at the mo.

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