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Why is it necessary to recite the name?

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Q) Why is it necessary to recite the name?

A) Very simple, because Guru Jee says: Eko Naam hukum hae, Satgur dheea bujhae jeeo.

It is the only hukum from Guru Sahiban, to recite His Name, if only, we want to go back and merge in Him.

His Name is all purifier, and by placing ourselves in IT, we reach back Home, from where it descends to take back whosoever practices this devotion of repeating His sacred Name.

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5 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

Is there...a name for this ..Mantar? Gurbani?

I don't know what to call it exactly. That's the problem...

What's the origin of Sat Naam Sri Waheguru Sahib Ji?

If you recite that over and over you're doing Simran but not the Gurmantar exactly? Although it contains the Gurmantar?

Nice reflections/questions Bro.

People as a general rule think that Name or Nam referred by Guru Jee or Bhagat Jan, is a words or words.

But the fact is, Guru Sahiban when refered to IT, referred to that eternal Highest Truth/Consciouss Creative Power/Energy, which has created all that exists, nothing exists which is not created by that Nam.

If Nam was a word, how can a word create something or the whole creation?  

But that Nam /Shabad/Anhad Bani, is the supraconsciouss creative Eneregy or Power beyond the spheres of the mind as referred by Guru Sahiban and the Bhagat Jan fdor example in the Bani.

In the Bible that Energy is knows as the "WORD".

That is why Christ says: In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God, nothing exists which is not created by the Word.

So you see, in different faiths/languages, that POWER has different denominations, but that Power has nothing to do with those words, it is reality beyond any expressions created by us.

That POWER existed when there was no creation, then there were no languages, so does that mean, IT did not existed?  Certainly not.

Then also that POWER is changeless and is eternal, for that reason, Guru Sahiban added the prefix SAT to that Nam, for it is as it is as always, it is not afected by time space or any other elements/aspects, so it became Satnam, which means, that Power, that Nam, that Shabad is the eternal changeless TRUTH.

So Nam is that original creative POWER, and with the prefix  SAT, which means that that POWER is the ultimate changeless and eternal TRUTH.

Further on, Guru Sahiban describes that Nam by saying it is Karta Purukh, which means that POWER is the sole doer or creator of everything, none other apart from IT.

No incarnations, no devis, no devtays, no trinities, nothing ..... all of these entities are placed in the creation for specific tasks assigned to them by Akal Purukh, to run the creation, that´s it.

Now, when Guru Sahiban says, Eko Nam hukum hae .... He means to say, that, it our duty to realiz or manifest that Supraconsciouss Power within us, and not to get  impressed, or devote any other  entity lesser than that NAM, for its is by attaching ourselves to that Conscoiuss Power within us, that, we can reach and merge in that our origin which is NAM.

But then we may ask, how to can we reach or manifest that Nam within us?

Usually, different people repeat different mantras to quiten the mind and to go within ourselves by entering the subtler or spiritual relams.

All mantras, are like having purchased air tickets for different destinations, and by repeating them, one can reach different destinations.

For example let us take Heathrow airport. Not all passengers there are going to travel to the same destination, all go to different directions.

If one repeats Sree Krishna, Sree Ram or Sree Vishnu  for example, one may at most go to Baikunth, the abode of Vishnu Jee.

But as per Gurmat, one wants to go beyond al the mayavee subtler planes, one has to meditate on that POWER which is beyond mind, maya and Kal and that is Satnam as seen right from the beginning in the first Ang of Guru Jee : Ik Oankar Satnam.

This term of Satnam is known to us, by the apaar kirpa of Guru Sahiban, the dewellers, the permanent residents  of that realm of Highest Truth known as Sach Khand.

So in order to reach that realm of Satnam, what have we got to do? Well,  as said before, to meditate on IT.

That is why the Bani says: JAP MAN SATNAM SADAAH SATNAM.

Now, repeating Satnam will make us concentrate, and only take us within to a certain level, where our real spiritual journey starts,  when by His kirpa, we can  see and listen, the Jot and  Shabad Dhun of that Nam. NAM JISKAY MAN VASEEYA, VAJEH SHABAD GANERE

Then the jeev atma, has to board and place itself in that vessel of Nam or Shabad Guru within, like a child in the loving arms of the mother, and that Shabad Guru with is jot will cleanse us from all our impurities, break our karmic bonds, release us from births and deaths and finally take us into the lap of our true father SATNAM., not only that, but our surtee will merge and blend into SATNAM,and undistinguishly become one with our origin SATNAM.

The purpose of Guru Sahiban or Bhagat Jan, was only to disclose or reveal the reality of that TRUTH of SATNAM to us manmukh moorakhs, so that we the strayed souls could save our souls for once and ever.

This is the AKATH KATHAA (unuterrable and indecribable wadeeayee) of Guru Jee.

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