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What are the five nitnem banis

To be done at morning :

1)Jap Ji Sahib

2)Jaap Sahib



5)Anand Sahib

To be done at evening and night :

1)Rehraas Sahib (includes benit chaupai, ending with the few stanzas of anand sahib)

2)Kirtan Sohila


I dont understand why the last two banis (chaupai and anand sahib full) are NOT included in the SGPC and other Rehat maryadas and you are required to recite only 3 prayers in the morning (Jap Ji, Jaap Sahib and Swayyia)

I have been doing the 5 in the morning and the two at evening.

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

p.s. In view of ongoing discussions on this site, I would like to point out that I am neither a Nihang, Naamdhari, Nanaksaria or Taksali...simply a ‘Singh’ keen to learn and discover more about our rich heritage, which I find to be fast being destroyed, whilst keeping an open mind about all matters...


Now to the topic, I was at a camp not too long back and one of the Phaji's there was talking about this topic. What he said was that the SGPC and the British worked so that the Nitnem Bani were reduced. What the British had noticed was that the power of the Sikhs was their Bani, that when they were doing their Paath etc they were at their best, and so this was an effort to get Sikhs doing less Paath.

As I have mentioned, this is something that came up in a conversation and thus don't have any references to the info. Phul Chuk Maaf...

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Gur Fateh Narsingha!

I quite agree with the sentiments you allude to, in that Nitnem is not intended to be a ritual confined to the supposed ambrosial hours of the early morning, but a state of being throughout the day.

That said, this is not the matter at hand, I am interested (as are other members of the forum, to a greater or lesser extent) in how the various daily liturgies came into being -NOTE, again, I am not seeking to find a RIGHT or WRONG version as I don't believe one size fits all (as indeed the SGPC seem to want to establish)...

...it is simply interesting to understand the linkages of these changes and variations with our Heritage and History, not to mention the various groups we now have across the Sikh diaspora...

Trust you understand where I'm coming from...


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