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right or wrong !!


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waheguru ji ka khalsa,waheguru ji ki fatehhh

sadh sangat ji..daas is confused..see daas family isn't sikh at all..meaning by religon they are but not by practice..and with guru's kirpa daas took amrit almost year back...daas was a very angry person..and a person whom everyone will put down..but since daas took sharan of guru ji..with guru ji's kirpa daas is fighting with anger and not to say n e thing bad to people who put them down..now daas family doesn't like sikhi lifestyle..cuz whever daas ask to go to gurughar..there is fighting and arguments at home..my parents allow sister to go to partie..and let her come home at 1am..but they don't let me go to gurughar..five days a week..i m taking part time course...yes it is onlyone course..and with guru's kirpa daas got 80% in the midterm..cuz dad think that i don't study..and today is my b'day..he brought flowers.daas when asked dad to go to gurughar saying it's my b'day i want to do seva..he says such things..that i do that and that..u want to go to gurughar everyday..he was like it's not import there should be kirtan 24/7..i mean why not it's gurupurab..he was so what..i m like then y u brought flowers for me then..he was like it's ur b'day..it comes a in a life..i was so is guru's b'day..i was like if no gurughar then i don't need these flowers..of urs..i will throw them out..[didn't do that thought].daas is 24 years old..yet not working..professionally..and he think that i have no such qualities to be 24..i have no idea what's right or wrong..cuz i love to go to dixie gurughar..and parents think dixie gurughar is not gurughar..cuz in that guru ghar some wrong stuffs going on..and so whenever they put me down..by saying all these things daas get mad or annoyed..say some rush things..cuz it's been going for 1 year.. i can't take it n e more..when ever i say something..yes i know my fault..when i get annoyed..telling me amritdhari this and that..i yell at them..then they say "ur guru tells u to speak to ur parents like this..does this is sikhi..u r learning"..and believe me..they think that they are surving me..they think it is my jiddh..following guru..they think it is not for this age..sangat ji..dunno what to do..m i putting guru ji down..please help me..they don't let me by myself..when ever i m sitting to kirtan in room mom comes crying..yelling..really puts me off..

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Wahegurujikakhalsa Wahegurujikifateh

Hey I feel your situation after reading ur post, and it makes me quite sad too. Your family is 'completely ignorant', and to be honest deres not much that u can do abt it otha than jst keep doin ardas to Guru ji to give them the understanding of respecting ur choice of following sikhi.

Im sorry i dont hav ne more advice to give u. But yeh i will pray for u to Guru ji to sort things out for u. Keep being a good sikh that u r.

Wahegurujikakhalsa Wahegurujikifateh

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