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1984 Documentary Movie & Slide Show


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As next year is the 20th Anniversary of the Attack on Harmandir Saheb, the Gurmat Studies Foundation (www.gurmatstudies.com) & sevadars of www.saintsoldiers.net have teamed up to make a documentary movie of the 1984 operation Bluestar & a powerpoint presentation on 1984.

This documentary movie and slide show will be shown during the Gurmat Studies Winter Youth camps taking place in Fresno (Dec. 21-27) & Freemont (Dec. 28 & 29), California.

The sangat is urged to come out and watch the movie and slide show to remember those Gursikhs who sacrificed their lives for the Panth. We are hoping that these projects will help the new generation of Sikhs understand the history behind the attack and realize all of the hardships that our Gursikh brothers & sisters had to go through.

We request all the sangat to come out and let others know about these programs.

The movie & slide show sill be shown at other Gurdwaras all around the world during 2004.

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The movie & slide show sill be shown at other Gurdwaras all around the world during 2004

Why Gurdwaras only? I believe that if you are going to have something real and it's not biased research then share it with human justice orgs and also present it to schools.

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