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Kathuria for senate!!!!


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have you even bothered to hear what Kathuria has to say?

or are you just supporting him simply on the fact of him being a sikh?

His political views are ridiculous, and I refuse to vote someone into office just based of their religious preference.

Ridiculous, I hope he doesnt win.

Democrats 2004. Howard Dean for President.


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I agree, Kathuria is a POLITICIAN...how many good Sikh politicians are there?

This guy is a republican, if your not familiar with UNITED STATES politics, there are basically two main partys, the Republicans who are more conservative and are considered to be more towards the rich and more for white america, and then there are Democrats that are more liberal and more for minorities.

Besides this fact, Kathuria doesn't even live up to basic Sikhi principles. This guy just keeps his turban and beard and is simply hindu-washed. LOL...he doesn't even care if his own wife is Sikh.

Yeah it'll be good to have a Sikh politican in America, but ehh we sure don't need to put false hope in someone who can't even carry the proper Sikh neccessities.

Vote Democrats 2004. Howard Dean for President. NOT WESLEY CLARK HAREET.


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In addition, Kathuria dated a MISS HINDIA. What any hardcore Sikh ever consider dating someone out of their religion? Mind you, don't become easily enlightened that a "fellow sikh" like Kathuria is so great for the Sikh community. Kathuria is like one of those Sikhs that was aiding the army during the attack of 1984. Lastly, we don't need another Badal-like politician and display the Sikh identity. Like anything, do your research before supporting anyone. POLITICS AND RELIGION do go hand in hand...like Sikhi states. But we don't need a SIKH REPUBLICAN. DEMOCRATS. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD!

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Khalistani veer,

Let me ask you one question and I hope you will come up with good explanation.

Where were you in 1984? Also, whats your source of getting information regarding blue star 1984?

ok now back to topic.

1. Source: http://www.sikhtimes.com/bios_060903a.html

"Kathuria, a practicing Sikh, openly acknowledges to the crowd his 'unique appearance,' putting the crowd at ease with him immediately. Sikhs do not cut their hair or beards and wear a turban as a symbolic 'crown of spirituality.' Kathuria made his first appearance at the Chicago Conservative Conference in Mar., when he surprised many conservatives with his pro-business, pro-free market remarks. The market value of the companies Dr. Kathuria co-founded and help build reaches reportedly the $1 billion mark."

More you can read in above link.

Also, here is results from google.com http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=...injeev+Kathuria and you might want to go over these links and read about him.

You can call him brainwash but until or unless you provide any solid evidences to support your allegations that you have made against him I think no one going to take them seriously.

Just to let you know that I support democrats too the ones are good not all.

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Fact is the guy is republican. I wouldn't vote for him just cause he's Sikh.

One who supports others just because he is from the same race or religion then he is doing nothing but trying to follow racism. always use your power of judgement which God gave us. You should always go for someone who is good as per your judgement and don't be a sheep and follow others.

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Here in Surrey BC, all the foolish Punjabi population basically voted for people all the Punjabi candidates....that's why we have fools who can't even speak proper english walking around triumphantly, acting as if they're doing something for the good of the community. In actuality, they're just gettin rich and using the stupid masses as a tool to keep them in power. Seriously, I seriously think some ppl just shouldn't be allowed to vote :LOL:

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Did anyone of you read the issues section of Kathuria's campaign site, so what if he agrees on tax cuts, what about his other policies on health, immigration and family values.

What makes you believe that Democrats are any better?

By the way I'm centre-right in the politicial spectrum, I have socialist beliefs but I put religious/traditional values as my priority.

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