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What does SGGS say about Evolution?

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It is from the brutal and savage beginnings of man concerned in the main with base instincts of survival that mankind has evolved into fields of knowledge, culture, history, art, spiritualism and religion...we are part of evolution...

...it is precisely aspects such as History, culture, art, spiritual awareness, religion that distinquish us from animals...so on another note, why this increasingly bent on 'being simple' within Sikh parchaar over the past 100 years? Did Guru Sahib really want for us to be 'simple'?

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Good Question!

Evolution occurs both Materially and Spiritually. Darwin propagated the 'evolution of the species' and how Nature adapts itself to a changing enviornment FOREVER or as long as the MATERIAL EXISTENCE remains. Our bodies generate and mutate accordingly through genetics to ensure the survival of the species.

On the other hand, Spiritual Evoluton occurs inside the living Mind of a Human and this cannot be Quantified, Assessed, Controlled or even Analysized by ANYONE, except the Person making this change Spiritually.

Balances and Imbalances between the Body and the Spiritual are all round us, which then makes You ask that you do ! Everything, but Everything is in Permanent Evolution and each one of Us has their own pace in IT ! :)

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Dear Rupy Ji,

You have asked really good question. And you remind me of great person and his quote.

Albert Einstein[2] had remarked that: "Religion without science is blind. Science without religion is lame."

Now, I think that's something which is making you curious because you have been reading science and comparing it with religion?

Let's get back to topic now.

Here are articles, I have posted long time back and you might want to check them.


Also, you have to be aware of this that Sikhism is not just an another belief but a working system to reform Mankind.

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Dear Rupy,

Once you finish reading above I would like to bring this another discussion which has good response from Serjinder Singh.

Science and religion


Reply by Serjinder Singh:


Also, if you really want to know why people started to compare with science then you have to spend some time and dedicate some time.

Please buy following books:

1 "The history of time" by william hawking,

head of the dept. of physics in uni. of cambridge london

2 "source" by j michethner(anthropologist)

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Writer: Jasjit T. Ahluwalia

According to the people of the Bible, Evolution happened as described in the Bible. They are entitled to hold their view and we must respect their views. Respect does not always mean agreement - nor does it mean disagreement.

Scientists have been struggling with who came first, the chicken or the egg? And they are entitled to spend their lives in their labs.

But for the Sikhs, the answer of evolution is very clear. In simple terms: We couldn't care less. God created this universe and the universes beyond, and ONLY HE knows how or when He created these. We weren't around, and it does not matter. No answer that comes out of this discussion can change our lives in any way. It will not teach us morality, nor give us our code of conduct. It will not teach us to share our good fortune with those less fortunate than us, nor the value of Sadh Sangat. In short, it will not make any difference in our lives.

However, if some of us are biologists and bio-chemists and our inquiring mind and thirst for knowledge lead us to search for sequence of evolution, then we must do so as scientists - not as men/women of religion. Our religion is not concerned with the mechanics of evolution, although our scientific mind might be.

Having said that, let us now look at your questions.

Some of the questions have raised, are hypothetical in nature. We being mere mortals, cannot really predict "what might have been, or what might be". However, some members of our cyber Sangat have attempted to answer these questions.

I will attempt to answer questions regarding what Guru Granth Sahib says about evolution.

But before I do that, let us consider the root beliefs of our religion - We believe that there is only ONE God, he is the Creator, and nothing happens without His Will. We are ALL His children, and equal to each other. We must remember God, and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. In short, what I am trying to say is that the Sikh faith is not concerned with the evolution of this world, but only with living in it, and living it according to His Will - as instructed by Guru Granth.

Now, let me take you all into a journey to explore our beloved and respected Granth - our Guru.

Our first stop is at the Japji. Consider this:

A statement: "Hukmi Hovan Aakaar".....(Page 1)

By HIS Command are all created.

A question: "Kawan su vela vakhat kawan? Kawan thit kawan var? kavan se ruti mah kavan, jit hoa aakaar?........(Page 4)

What was the time, what was the moment, what was the date, which was the season, and which month, when the creation took place?

The answer: "Ja Karta sirthi ko saaje, aape jaane soyee." (Page 4)

The Creator, who created this universe, He Himself knows this.

Let us now turn to Page 117 Majh Mahla 3:

"Utpat parlow sabdey hovey, Sabde hi phir Oput hovai"

Creation and destruction take place by HIS Word (Command). And His Word (Command) , again re-creates.

Next Stop: Sukhmani Sahib:

"Jis ki srist su karney haar, avar na boojh kart beechar.

Kartey ki mit na janai keeya, Nanak jo tis bhavey so varteeya." (Page 285)

The One to whom this world belongs, is the creator of it. No one else can understand this, however much they may think about it. Those who were created by Him, cannot know the limits of the Creator. Nanak says, whatever pleases HIM, only that takes place.

"Aap sut keeya subh sut, tis Prabh te sagli utpat" (Page 294)

He is True, and whatever He has created, is also True. The entire creation was created by that Lord God.

"Har iko vartai ik, iko utpatia" (Page 646)

He alone is prevalent in the entire universe, He alone has created all.

"Kartai Karan Jin Keeya, So Janai Soyee, Aapey Srist Upayean, Aape phun goyee" (Page 787)

The Creator who created all, He alone knows everything, He created this universe, and He Himself will destroy it.

Let us now pause at page 797 Bilawal Mahla 3:

"Maya ka roop, subh tis te hoy"

This manifestation of Maya, is all His creation.

Now let us change trains, and go to the poet of all poets, soldier of all soldiers, Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in Akal Ustat (of which Jaap Sahib is a part):

" Ek moorat anek darsan keen roop anek, khel khel akhel khelan, unt ko phir ek".

One body, many manifestations, many forms, He plays games, and in the end it is ONE again.

Shall we now leave the Dasam Granth, and go to Bhai Gurdas, VAR 18?

"Aapey aap upai kai aapey apna nau dhraya"

He Himself created all, and He Himself propagated the chanting of His Naam.

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