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Why another name "Waheguru" for God?

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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fatehhh

sangat ji i have question for you all..ok here it goes

knowing that there were name already for god..why did guru ji gave another name 'waheguru'..why didn't he use the same name..n e names like raam allah..

i have asked this same question to many people..but still want sangat's opinion..i hope to whom i have asked already won't mind..

bhul chuk di maafi ji

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fatehhh

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Why was the name Allah given when Raam already existed?? Because that is how Muhammed experienced god....his experience led him to call him Allah. Guru Nanak's experience of parmatma led him to say Waheguru. It is not a question of why not use the name already in use. It is irrelivent. Why did Buddha perceive god as Nirvana?? That is how he saw him, simply that, you can't explain the experience of a such souls. Their perception was their own and these are the names they heard or found. There are infinite names for him and yet none are his.

The word Waheguru is a Gurmantra. A Gurmantara is the surcharged with the energy of the Guru. Guru can give you any mantra, a Hindu saint might give, Om Namo Shiva as a GuruMantra....they all lead to the same purpose.

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Here's also a nice explanation, its from the book Bandgi Nama by S. Raghbir Singh. Really nice book


Personally, however, I use the Word, "Wahiguru" for Simran and recommend

it to fellow Sikhs. In my opinion, all other names, such as Ram, Om, Allah, Gobind, Madho, and others symbolize a particular attribute of God and when a spiritual seeker glows conscious both of the immanence and transcendence of God, he would not like to call God by a name that is indicative of only one attribute. It would be like referring to the ocean as a "cup" or a "bowl!" It would diminish the area of one who is meditating on the All-Encompassing and All-Pervasive.

When a spiritual seeker attains to a sublime spiritual stature and finds within his soul the Eternal Refulgent Light, he involuntarily exclaims ecstatically through every pore of his being," Wah, Wah: Wonderful, Wonderful!" It is a wondrous, ecstatic state and one perceives the full signifcance of the mystic word, "Waheguru - Wondrous God"! There is no other conceivable word that can equally comprehensively describe the great mystery and wonder that is God.

The term "Guru" connotes all the immanent and transcendental attributes

of God and much else besides. This is why I uphold and advocate the use

of the word Waheguru. The word "Guru" in Sikh ideology means both a

spiritual guide and God.

The great poet-author of Suraj Parkash Bh. Santokh Singh and many other old writers, in their lucid and beautiful comments, expound the meaning of the word "Wahiguru." Bhai Gurdas says that Guru Nanak himself originally coined the word for God.

Guru Nanak pronounced the true mystic implication of the word Waheguru.

Waheguru sach mantar sunaia

Var - Pauri 3.

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Ok erm I dont know much about this but... Wouldnt it all come down to language? In arabic God is "Allah" ...

The word 'Allah' has either been derived from Uloohiat which means worship or from Aalehan which means amazement. The first statement is correct and Ilah means that which is worshipped.

So its mostly related to language innit? Waheguru=God

In Sikhism the word Waheguru is used to specify for God. However, the basic definition of Waheguru is as given below:

One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace (1)

And what the others said above..

Wah - Thou art Wondrous, limitless, and great beyond the power of worldly human reach and speech, Gu-darkness (of ignorance), Ru-manifestation of the Divine Light to remove ignorance. Therefore, the glory of the Divine word, Waheguru (Gurmantar) is supreme. All the Divine virtues of the Almighty are expressed by this Gurmantra - Waheguru. And, if one meditates on this Gurmantra with the right method and complete faith and devotion, then at first the evil impressions of one's mind are erased and then by and by one get dyed in the deep love and devotion of God. With time, the intoxication of the Divine love and devotion becomes so intense that the seeker realizes the Divine within and without and one feels his presence. The mind becomes attuned with the infinite and the all-beautiful.
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Please read Bhai Gurdas jee's vaars. It gives a description of how WAheguru gurmantar was created.

WAHEGURU is not God's name.

Waheguru is the mantr that Guru nanak gave the world to reach unity with God's name - which cannot be uttered, it has no physical explanation.

It is immortal, infinite, almighty and sublime - it is true and real, but you can't say it - it's just Naam.. noumenon... and the way to be one with it is to have complete Love for everything, which only comes from purity, which only happens when HAUMAI is destroyed - and "waheguroo gurmantar hai jaap haumai khoee"

IT'S SO EASY !!! but why am i not doing simran then...

aah lazy mind... get to work !!!

hehehe chardee kalaa jeeeo


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Sorry to get a little off topic..but this does relate in a way..

You know what I love sangat jeeio? I love how Guroo Granth Sahib jeeio is universal, any pranee can relish in the love and guidance it gives us..Notice that Guroo jee always tells us to lovingly meditate and remember naam (simran/naam japna) but never says jup Vaaheguroo or jup Akaal or Satnam, etc..Jup Allah, Ram, Holy Mother, etc..It is not a specific 'deity' or identity we remember..We meditate on love, greatness, immortal light, peace, and so much more..

Like Kulpreet Singh veerji said, it is the mantr that Guroo Nanak gave the universe..it is truly so sumblime..

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