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Why are Nagar Kirtans held?

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To show Khalsayee Shaan to people and make them aware of the Sikhism! It started in Moguls days to show Khalsa's jalal, just like Moguls did their's. And now its a tradition world wide. Good way to educate people about Sikhi. Imagine if it was just held in Gurdwaras, the local media probably won't cover it much and other's won't know about SIkhism. Now when we do Nagar Kirtans which are miles loong, everybody is curious to find out and its covered in media as well!

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Somebody told me that when Guru Hargobind Jee was being kept in jail at Gwalior Fort (i think) the Gursikhs like Bhai Gurdas Jee and others led processions to go upto the jail. They thirsted for darshan of their Guru Sahib and couldn't have darshan because they weren't allowed in the jail, so they sang praises and gurbani outside the jail walls.

There are stories about people going house to house in order to wake people up, and a tradition began that they would sing keertan at amrit vela and this was called "parbaat fayree"

Some people say Sant Attar Singh jee, some say Sant Kartaar Singh jee, and others name other Gurmukh sajjan as having started this practice. It is well known also that Bhai Randhir Singh used to enjoy doing keertan in a procession when welcoming sangat to a smagam.

Slowly slowly the nagar keertans started to become larger and larger.

Some places they have become ridiculous displays of political rats trying to make a good image - in some places they are embarrasing displays of cultural miseducation and adulteration of heritage - in some places they are disgusting displays of media exploitation and capitalist consumption

but all in all they are chardee kalaa (hehehehe) and most Gursikhs go with the idea of what PunjabiG has mentioned.

bhul chuk maaf karnaa jee


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Veerji (kulpreet singh),

That was a great post! I love learning something new every day..It fills me with so much joy that the Sikhs of that age were so innovative in their ways..The scene you depicted of Guroo Hargobind Jee is so touching..Dhan Guroo!!

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