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Happy Birthday To Da World's HoTtESt Guy

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Yeh You read that right......

Happy Birthday To You (Sound effects: Cha-Cha)

Happy Birthday To you (Sound effects: Cha-Cha)

Happy Birthday Dear Steeelll Bangleeeeeeeeee (Sound effects: Cha-Cha)

Happppyyyy Birthdayyy To Youuuuuuuuu


Since I am Organizing Da Party....and Steel is old enough now to drink alchoal..We be kickin it with bacarDi N CokE ...You all iz invited ...




Ajj Hor Peeeeeeeeeeeeeen nU Jeeh Karda, Ek Hor Glassi Bhar-DEYyyyyyyyyyyyyy

[P.S. Steel, Congratulations for having the honor of getting your life blessed by such a great individual like myself ...Love yaaaaaa now and forevaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

I thought I'd be kind to you veshan People...Here ya'z Cake


[P.S.S - Fortunately, Ladies - Steel is still Single..- Those interested in this one-heck-of-a-gentleman- , please do not hesitate to contact me ]

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Little correction is coming your way. He is "Iron" not steel these days. :P

Happy Birthday to Iron Bangle brother. He was with us when we started this site and still is like a true lion.

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Oh Vahiguroo Vahiguroo...

I m sure steele cant drink those bacardi's but i m sure his dog or cat can... lol :D

Happy Birthday Purkha.. you and mugermach have special place in my heart... mauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... puppy on your cheek :D :D

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