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How can I improve my fluency in English


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I am having trouble speaking, writing fluent English. I am born and bred in England studying for a degree in economics. The problem is every time I speak or want to say something I tend to get it mixed up and it is really beginning to bother me now. my written English is slightly weak as well, I spend so much time thinking of the right word to use.. especially when its exam times. I also have trouble making fluent sentences. I am not dyslexic or anything or have such problem. I’m fit, young in good shape and my age is 22, which is the main concern. Can anyone out there help me overcome this problem. Anything from a site, books or even personal tuition would help.

Thank you

P.S you guys can probably guess how bad I am by my thread.

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Read good quality newspapers on a daily basis (eg Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Times, The Independant, etc).

Watch political programs - they use a good command of English.

When your writing, even if its a text message or a post on a forum, try to maintain good grammar.

Read plenty of books (any type of book, be it biographies, journals, science fiction, novels, etc). Books and other written material rarely have any grammar or spelling mistakes in them.

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Statistically, they say English is one of the hardest languages to learn. However, through experience I've learnt that the best way to become fluent in any language is be in a surrounding where that language is spoken. Of course, you are in England, whose primary language is English, so it shouldn't be a hassle finding a place.

Do you work where a lot of talking is neccesary? If so, great - you've solved half of your problem. If not, become involved in the community, contact your nearest literacy council - I am sure they will be more than willing to help you perfect your English skills.

Meanwhile, as Beast said - the best way to establish a learning with new vocabulary, comperhensive text, and so forth - is through reading books. Start out with your novels and then slowly upgrade according to your reading level.

Other than that, I can't say it better than Beast already did. If you're ever in need of assistance, do not hesitate to contact me. But, do keep in mind I am not the best at English either.

P.S. From your post, you seem pretty fluent in it..

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After coming to uk from india, the way i learnt english was, i swapped my sega mega drive for a full series of Famous Five books by Enid Blyton.

I read them over and over again :oops: Now i cant seem to shut up.

So i would suggest Read books, Get those cassetes or CD's from teh library and practise speaking along with the guy.

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oh dear i totally forgot about this thread.lol

anywayz wanted to say thanks a lot for all the replies. I must say, I have spent a greater amount time reading recently. espacially sikh books and history ;) didnt know how much history i been missing out!

Thank you again


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