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Congratulations ..Canadians..!

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I think next year the leafs should just let ottawa win...

If ottawa EVER got past the Leafs, I think Ottawa would win the Cup hands down, but every year they just piss in there jock straps and loose to the Leafs who although good I dont see them ever going for Cup Glory.

On another note anyone see Kobe last night??

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I'm confused???

Ottawa play against a tree :?

Whats kobe? I know Euro 2004 is coming up - looks like Jamie Carragher is going to play as centre back coz john terry has an injury. This is real football (even though we is talkin about NHL).

Whats NHL stand for? Nit-filled Horticultural Liposuctioners?

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I know, its just that hockey has got so many boring attachments to it. Whenver I think of hockey all I can do is imagine 16/17 yr old girls running around a field with sticks in there hands.




:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I like hockey!!!!

Godammit Rupy, have some manners. I is older than u, now put ur post underneath mine.

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