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Strange Emails?


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I've suddenly been getting emails from a Sikh. First email was this.

"Are you a real gurmukh or a manmukh?"

I replied asking if I knew him/her.

They replied that only waheguru knows them etc....They continued with a message acting as if they were some sant.

I replied again that I would like to know who they are and why they felt they should email and preach to me. I got another reply stating that if I would have looked into my heart I would know who they are. They kept on as if they were some sant that was preach at me.

Has anyone been recieveing or ever recieved such an email? I'll keep the email address of the person private. If you think you have recieved emails from the same person pm me and we can compare email addys.

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hehe....actually i already blocked them....

I figure they must be playing games or are have gone mad and think they are so elevated..

If they were so omniscient, they would know that I have only recently embraced sikhism and will take amrit in 2 months..


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