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Sufi teaching: Haji Bektash Wali


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Asked the question, 'Why do all the paths differ? Bektash said:

'shoot an arrow at a target. To do this you must have an arrow and a target and a man to shoot. These are the elements which make up the action. They are called a school.

But if the aim is to strike one object with another, there are a thousand ways of doing it. Only the shallow will think that arrow-shooting is the only way of hitting one thing with another. This is the Inner Way.

He continued, 'All you have to do is to realise this.'

'But,' his inquirer persisted, 'how are we to know what is the way for us?'

'The people who pretend that you will know the most suitable method for yourself are the ones who pretend that what you like is what you need. Man probably does not know the way for himself. He needs someone to arrange circumstances - such as finding two surfaces and aligning them so that they "collide", in the analogy of the surface and the target'

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oh great master... am i to contemplate on the message or cotemplate the message? :P

u should contemplate & cotemplate both the message & on the message.

& please don't call me 'oh great master'...

... i prefer 'oh great & noble, wise master'. :P

no but really, whatcha think?

wot do u think?... the idea of the teachings is that the interpretation/understanding is left to the reader... to take that from u is like taking handing u a flower after removing its fragrance & beauty.

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