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Racist cops in toronto...sad stuff...


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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh


there were several of us singhs (jasdev singh, mandeep singh, parminder singh, gurjeet singh, gursimran singh and damanpreet singh) at veer gurjeet singhs house. it was late out, about 1100. we were ready to hit home for the night. four of us were already in the car....parminder singh, gurjeet singh, gursimran singh and damanpreet singh. and mandeep singh and jasdev singh were talking to a couple other singhs outside of the car. we saw a couple cars coming so we started driving down the street to the coldesac cuz we were parked in the middle of the road.

the beadbi:

the cars ended up being police cars. by the time we made it to the coldesac to turn around, 3 police cars with their sirens on blocked our car. then came the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh car. we were all shocked. we were just sitting there cuz we hadnt done anything. we're all guru sahib dey singh, we wouldnt ever dream of doing something unlawful or even to deserve treatment like this. but 10-12 cops popped out of the cars and had their guns out at us. told us to get out with our hands up.. we got out peacefully with our hands up and the cops still put their guns against our heads shoving us against the car. each of us had two cops on us. one with a gun. the other searching us. they took off our kirpans. all of us had two. we wouldnt surrender the seconds over. we tried to explain peacefully but they wouldnt listen. (they arent even allowed taking our kirpans from us. its against the law for them to). they were trying to force them off so we just lost it. we wouldnt let them. they would grab our kirpan and we would push them off. with guru sahibs kirpa they didnt grab their guns and shoot us or anything during the scuffle. we all had blows to our bodies and stuff fom their sticks. after all this our spirits were still very high. we were all just thinking...god is so great. any other time our dastars would have fallen off and our baystee would have been done, but we were still standing tall. the neighbors (sikhs) that had come out had smiles on their faces like they were proud. but unfortunately, the cops eventually forced us in handcuffs after pinning us up againt the car and then took our kirpans out of the gatra. they then took the kirpans and just threw them on our car with no respect. jasdev singh also had his 3 foot kirpan in the car. they took the sri sahib out of the sheath and just started playing with it. mocking the singhs. they threw both of those on the car with no respect. many people had come out of their houses and were just astonished at the treatment the police were giving the singhs. many onlookers were also sikhs and they started giving their share of words. they were cussing the cops and had to be forced back to their houses. at this point there were 11 police cars.

meanwhile: jasdev singh and mandeep singh were told not to move. about 5-6 cops went to them and pulled out their guns. 'put your hands up!!!' this was without reason. the singhs were just sitting there. eventually they put their guns down. it was obvious they used this as a scare tactic as they didnt even search the two singhs. at this point the whole neighborhood was out watching. us four singhs in the police car were left watching. we couldnt say anything, we could only listen. jasdev singh and mandeep singh appeared to have it under control. punking the cops left and right. the cops were trying to tell them we were in the park and we assaulted someone with our kirpans. after about 5 min of arguing, the cops said something about us being terrorists. jasdev singh and mandeep singh went buck. jasdev singh had his finger in the supervisors face. the supervisor was threatening to charge him with assault if he didnt move away from him. jasdev singh wouldnt listen. he wasnt going to take this beadbi of sikhi. then about 4-5 neighbors rushed out and grabbed mandeep singh and jasdev singh. they had to be restrained. those two were also put into cars. but they were allowed to keep their kirpans on for whatever reason (we figure these cops had nothing better to do and were just no good racists.....all but one was white.)

conclusion: in the end they let us go. they told us the station told them that we werent the right guys. the guys who assaulted the person in the park werent wearing turbans. they didnt apologize and literally started picking up our kirpans off the car and throwing it at us like we were playing catch. we think these cops found out ahead of time that we werent the guys. the station isnt that slow. the cops just wanted to have their fun. and this to happen in toronto of all places. we were all ashamed. this is the kind of stuff we see in the states.

afterwards: the spectators (sikhs) came out and gave us all a hand. we were bruised up and they offered drinks and whatever they coud. you could see the love that all the sikhs had towards each other. if theres anything good we can get out of this whole situation, its that we are all gursikhs before we're akj or taksali or whatever else. the love that we were shown by other gursikhs is how it should always be. i cant describe in words how that felt. the singhs that were there may start forgetting bits and pieces of what happened with the police, but i know for fact we will never forget that feeling we had when we were standing together as one.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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Sikh always fights against injustice. If they have evidences/witnesses then make it world news. They should go to authority and hire lawyer and let news paper know about it. Cops are nothing but uniformed gangsters. If all these Singhs will not take any actions after having good education and back up then there is no way Sikhs will ever have any justice. This kind of stories should not be repetitive. They should be taken seriously and victim Sikhs should work towards this injustice and bring those cops in court. I would highly recommend that they should go to lawyer and get those uniformed gangsters right treatment.


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i find it amazing that none of the other ppl tried to get involved and ask what was going on.

gotta love the desi ppl and they're policies of involvement. "if it's not you gettin hurt, then don't get involved."

yeah, it's great that they helped the guys out afterwards, but what about tryin to stop those injustices from happening? what the hell... i'm pretty sure that there were more "friendly neighbours" than police.

apart from that, i'm really surprised that no one thought of really getting the media involved.

but whatever...

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Yea back when I used to live there when I was a lil kuri, I remember my dad used to get all these dumb thrats from the cops, but they could do anything cuz my dad's bestfriend worked with the cops...lol...

Its much worse in the US all the cops are red necks and especially after 9/11 they all look at you weird and try to pull you over for no reason....

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