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twitching eyes


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Your eyes are tired.That's why they twitch.Maybe you are on the computer too much?You maybe squinting at the screen without knowing it for hours.The muscles that make you squint get tired and can't hack it, so they twitch, I think it's a mini spasm in the eyelid muscles.

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Yeah cucmbers are good for your eyes. I put them on my eyes. When your laying down with cucmbers on your eyes you can feel the muslces twitching a lil, but its relaxing. When you take them off your vision seems to of gotten better!

Plus the colour green is also meant to be relaxing to the eyes.

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There is snow in Texas, Northern Pan Handle gets snow every year. As do Dallas, but anything under Dallas dont' see snow, only Ice, Sleet mixture.

You get used to it after a while.

imagine its December and its 75 Degrees outside, tomorrow its ogna be 45 ane then next day back to 75. Thas texas for ya.

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