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Baba Vadbhag Singh Ji and ghost busting

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Ek Oankar Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das is only interseted to know the views of fellow Sikhs regarding Baba Vabhag Singh Ji and concept of Ghost/Ghost busting in Sikhism.

I do not think there is anything wrong with ghost busting in Sikhism to help poor guys are effected with prait and bhoots. Its form of seva.

Baba Wadhbhag Singh Ji was blessed himself by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Sadly now in his dera there are lot of practices which are not alinged with Gurmat

These are two interesting threads regarding baba wadhbhag Singh Ji.

Check them out :D



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Ok Sangat jee,

Lets get some action on this post. I know you guys have views and storoes on this subject please share fo all our benfit. Please even comment on the present Baba - Baba Ajit Singh Chagger who is in charge of the dera.

Do they do Amrit Sanchaars? Like do they believe in the 5 kakaars and rehat etc?

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Having not visisted the mentioned dera I don't really know what goes on there... apart from hearing hearsay from some who have visisted the dera. So if anyone has been to Baba Vadhbhag Singh Ji's Dera and seen the ghost busting take place... share the spooky experience


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vadbhag Singh was never blessed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This is a pure lie. vadbhag rai refused to give Sikhs the Aade Granth Sahib. vadbhag rai in his ego said that if Guru is all powerfull, then why doesn't He rewrite the Granth again. So Sikhs went and told Guru Ji what vadbhag rai said. Guru Ji said that vadbhag rai is a guru of bhoots and praits. Then when mughals destroyed everything when Sikhs were in jungles, vadbhag rai's dera was also destroyed. vadbhag rai then went to Sikhs in jungles and asked them for help. Sikhs told him that Guru Ji had issued us a hukamnama stating that we are not to have any relationships or business with raam raieas, dheer maleaass, meenas and masands. Vadbhag rai then said that he will do anything. Sikh jathedars then had and discussion and told him that if he willing to stop callign himself a Guru and join the Khalsa panth then they would help him. vadbhag rai agreed and became Vadbhag Singh. Therefore, the dera should not be called dera baba vadbhag singh but dera vadbhag rai. Since vadbhag Singh was not a Guru but a Singh, he can't be used to run a dera. The fact is that dera vadbbhag singh is nothing more than a business to fool and loot people.

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Guest Gurdip Singh

If you have nothing good to say about Baba Vadbhag Singh Ji then do NOT say anything at all and stop writing nonsense about him. He was a warrior, a saint and helped people. He was blessed by the 10 Guru's and he never proclaimed to be a Guru. Since Babe Vadbhag Singh Ji has come into my life he has brought light, happiness and made all of my dreams come true. He is my life, my everything and it is he who connected me to Waheguru Ji. He is like a telephone line to God. Yes, I believe that he did want to be a Guru but that he was informed that the 11th Guru was the Guru Granth Sahib Ji but that he could be there to help people who needed his help in relation to being plagued by ghosts and black magic. The 10 Guru's blessed him at gave him permission to do what he did i.e. be a saviour to those in need of his help. Thus, please do not criticise my Baba Ji. If you have nothing good to say about him then say nothing at all. Call unto him and he will be there for you.

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