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Nanaksar Jagroan Pictures!!!!!!!


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lol now everyone who has viewed these pics will need to do 250 or whatever number it was japji sahib or sukhmani sahib if you know sukhmani.. good luck ,.... AHAHAHAHA

:LOL::LOL: ..very smart... i ll do it with when i phsyically go there :D :D

It's by the way 10 jap ji sahib a day for a whole month... :D :D

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waheguru ....

Baba Nand Singh ji used to say every sikh of Guru Nanak should do atleast 1 sehaj path of Guru sahib every month either by simple doing it from Guru sahib or doing it by 50 sukhmani sahibs , 250 japji sahibs , .... and so on

i also read in the diary of Sant Ishar Singh ji rara sahib wale that sikh should do paths every month as mentioned above .

Every Sant Mahapurakh advise to do these paths .

Special thanks to Harpreet veer ji for bringing such beautiful photos of Sri Sachkhand Sahib .... waheguru ............

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Nanaksar Bhagti Da Ghar


The first two photos are of the main " darshani dheodi " or the main sachkhand when we enter the Nanaksar Gurdwara . This room is right opposite to tthe sarovar . This is the place where diwans during the Pooranmashi are held . ( the hall outside this room )

I am not sure about the 3rd one .

The fourth one is the picture of Shota Sachkhand . This is the place where " Vade Guru Granth Sahib Ji " reside . ( The Guru Granth Sahib from which Guru Nanak Himself came out and gave darshan to Baba Nand Singh Ji )

The fourth picture is of the room popularly known as " Baradari ". This is the place where Baba Nand Singh Ji left his panj bhootak chola and left for Sachkhand . This room has 12 doors and the doors are made of very beutiful wood and are beautifully carved . The seva of whole thath of Nanaksar was done by Baba Ishar Singh Ji later on . During Baba Nand Singh Ji' time everything was made of mud , no pakki brick was allowed .

The sixth picture is of the main Sri Sachkhand Sahib Ji where God lives .

" Sachkhand vase nirankar "

Baba Nand Singh Ji used to say that this is how the dargah or of Guru Nanak or God looks like .

The next seven pictures are of the places where Baba Nand Singh Ji used to do his bhagti and tapasya . These are also known as bhore becus this sachkhand is underground .

bhul chuk maaf

wjkkk wjkf

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i went here a few years ago, i dont remember any toilet tiles on the walls (seems like this has become a trend), it was very modest and humble, no flowers and doilees in sight

anyone have an idea when these were added?

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