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Announcement:For the victims and the families of the Tsunami


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Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji..............


As you all have heard about the Horrific earthquake caused Tsunami which has engulfed a lot of land and people. The latest death count stands at 56,000.

Let's forget all our quarries/debates etc.......and work harmoniously for these victims. Let's remember the seva of Bhai Kanheya ji and use that as an example and let's help out the victims and their families.

Let's do as much paath and simran so that Waheguru bless the souls with peace and give strength to the families. (waheguru apnay charna vich nivas bakshay athay parvaaran nu bhana maanan da bal bakshay)

also here are ways to help out financially............




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British charities have launched a massive emergency appeal to help the victims of the tsunamis which have devastated countries around the Indian Ocean.

Under the umbrella of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), charities including ActionAid, British Red Cross, CAFOD, Oxfam, Save The Children, Christian Aid and World Vision, are asking for money to provide clean water, food and shelter to thousands of people in Asia.

Chairman of the DEC, Brendan Gormley, said: "People will struggle to recover from this disaster.

"Not only have many lost members of their families, but poor people have the fewest assets to fall back on and fewer opportunities to earn money.

"The aid agencies will provide humanitarian aid to the poorest people affected by the tsunamis over the months and years to come."

The committee is providing 3,000 lines (telephone number 087 0606 0900) for people to give donations and will be launching a television appeal later in the week.

Here is a list and contact details of care agencies helping with the Southern Asia earthquake tragedy:

:: CAFOD: http://www.cafod.org.uk - 0207 733 7900

:: Care International: http://www.careinternational.org.uk - 0207 934 9334

:: International Federation of the Red Cross: http://www.ifrc.org

:: Medecins Sans Frontiere: http://www.msf.org/home-uk.cfm

:: Oxfam: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/ - 0870 333 27000870 333 2700n

:: Save The Children: http://www.savethechildren.org.uk

:: UNICEF: http://www.unicef.org

:: World Vision: http://www.unicef.org - 01908 84 10 10

For Canadians:






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Death tolls tops up to 82,000 now. Please appeal to cyber sangat to do patt as much possible for victims for innocent people and try to chip in whatever they can... all these sites listed on my previous post...do accept donations to help all the people in effected areas.

Treat all human race as one. (Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

Sabh Mein Jot, Jot Hai Soe Tis taie Chanan Sabh mein Chanan Hoi || (SGGS JI)

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Page 1385, Line 9 -- Guru Arjan Dev

aapuno bhaavan kar mantar na doosro Dhar opat parloua aykai nimakh to ghar (You do whatever You please; You do not take advice from anyone else. In Your Home, creation and destruction happen in an instant)

Page 117, Line 8 -- Guru Amar Das

utpat parla-o sabday hovai (Creation and destruction happen through the Word of the Shabad)

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Kirtan throughout UK's Gurudawaras

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji ke Fateh

I was thinking about the TSUNAMI disaster , and ways to raise funds and remember wahe guru ji at the same time thoughout the gurudawaras in the UK ( thats if it hasn't been done so already)

justed wanted your views and if possible if we could action it ,

the thought was , to get men, women,youngsters,professional kirtians, jathas etc.. to do kirtan at gurudwaras for one week or 2 days. All should involved i.e. beginners to Advanced to professionals and donations go to the TNSUAMI Disater appeal) , let the sangat know about them via SKY digitial channel radios ( radio punjab 880, sukh sagar 900 , 926 any others, leaflets , forums word of mouth etc..) so that they could announce the dates to the sangat as when the kirtans going to be held and at which gurudawara

It would be ideal that all the gurudawaras in the UK if possible hold the venue at the same time.

the issue is , how to approach the gurudawaras , whether they would listen to us or just sweep us away.

There could be a representative for each area ( volunteers welcome or people who know the Gurudawaras pardans)

God willing i would volunteer to organise events in birmingham with the guidance and help form the sangat.

kema dha ja chuck hai

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