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sobha singh...new finding (for me at least)


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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh,

I was in ottawa, met family friends who are relatives of a lady who studied with the late sobha singh. She had shared with my family friends that the first painting sobha singh had made of guru nanak had guru nanak with a seli topi. The SGPC had to authorize it to publish it, and therefore he went back and made one with a pagri.

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

(ps. I mentioned this to promote freedom of art and reality in expression as opposed to..."lets all wear seli topi's"...I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea).

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hey iron bangle,

sorry If I have mislead you. The family friends's 'elder' was in the same class and had seen the original....it wasn't something I have seen, they have seen or have had access to.

If I did have it, or if I do come across it; I would have and will definitely do the honors

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the beauty of the work that Sobha Singh Ji did was unique, in that he actually went and researched about the person or what he was going to paint.

Not only did he want to know about the person or what he was painting he wanted to see them through their eyes, know their feelings.. seek the truth...

my father met Sobha Singh Ji in India.. and he told me that when he arrived to meet him, a couple had come to visit Sobha Singh asking him to paint a picture of their son who had just passed away in an accident. Sobha Singh Ji researched the short life of the young person before painting his picture.

Similarly.. Sobha Singh Ji painted a large picture of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji. In order to do this he actually went to Rara Sahib to do his research and spent many months before actually painting the picture... the large painting is at a house in Hillingdon, UK.

Sobha Singh Ji was a true artist... Waheguru.

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