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Skype.com [wicked internet voice telephony Chat]


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It has amazing voice quality :

it can be used for

1. internet calls to another skype user - Free

2. telephone calls to a landline - @ a very cheap rate

Best thing about skype is it does not rely on slow or fast internet connection...so it doesn't effect the voice quality regardless of your internet speed..all you need is microphone and a speaker to start off..


lets doo the conference thingee guys...download and install this program..lets together...

my id on there is - atamsaroop108


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skype is pretty good. but it's hella annoying when you d/l the darn thing, build a profile and then all of a sudden hear that people can't add you cuz apparently you don't exist but then when you sign on you get a gazillion of those stupid reminder thingies to add people who said you don't exist when they originally added you.



but it's pretty good apart from that. i don't really see the difference between it and msn though. both have worked pretty well for me so far.

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tha's odd. i've always been able to do it with many people at the same time. i mean the minimum i tend to use msn with is 4 people: the other person, me, myself and i. and at times, some other personalities come and go through the chat too!


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