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Siri Dasam Granth Online


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from what i know ustad write their own gutka sahib in larivar form. and tech there students teh same way. not only to read but to write it to. ahhh another thing sikhs are losing day by day. hey i know lets kill those ppl who have teh knowledge cus they eat meat. lol. sorry just being a admin cut and i thoought i add that in. lol. Vaheguru!!!!! Baba Santa Singh bad boy style.

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Yea Narsingha they seem not to beleive in treh charitar... but i wouldn't reject the site completely...they got other important compositions translated...

i am taking laha of them instead of limiting myself not to go to the site because they don't have treh charitar..

read 75 percent of akaal ustat.. simply amazing...vah ji vah...

great seva they did :D :D

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Knowledge is knowledge...agreed.

The problem occurs when people remove huge chunks of Bani from Dasam Guru Durbar and still market it as being 'complete' by referring to the Gurbani as 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib'. That would be like removing 'Sodar Rehras' from Adi Guru Durbar, and claiming it is 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji'.

...the website is well made and lots of effort has gone into it, however, everyone has different preferences.

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

It is like Adi Guru Darbar which Bhasauris made. Jathedar Narsingha Sahib are correct.

It is incomplelte.Even the Dasham Granth from the site of Baba Virsa Singh Ji is not complelte.As its end at Hiqayats of Jaffer Nammah.We do not see Sikhi Rahit or Lakhi Jungle episode etc. there too.

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