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Credibility of "Sanatan Sikh" intellectuals?


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It is obvious that people on this site, I.E "narsingha sahib" are setting themselves up as authorities on Nihang Singh Maryada and thought.

Could "Narsingha Jeee" please tell us how long he has stayed within the Akali Nihang Singh Dals.


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lol "dalli" u joker. if you don't think Narsingha is credible then find out the truth and show us the light. And Narsingha is not in this country right now so i doubt u will recieve a reply, even then he'd only cuss you.

what position of authority does he claim?

what are your credentials? seeing as you are questioning his credentials.

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Baba Santa Singh himself is in chains of sort within the internal politik and beaucracy of the much hailed Buddha Dal, not sure how you expect him to speak on behalf of the 'Panth' when his own '96 Crore Chalda Vahir' is hardly under his control, given the numerous internal splits and most of the Nihangs (being predominantly Jats) freely referring to him as a Bhaman (on account of his Khatri descent).

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