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“Bibi Rajni The Play “

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“Bibi Rajni The Play “


Performance Dates and Times

Premiere - Friday 1st April 2005 @ 7:45pm

Matinee - Saturday 2nd April 2005 @ 3:00pm

Finale - Saturday 2nd April 2005 @ 7:45pm

Booking details:

Box Office Tel: 020 8553 4466


Kenneth More Theatre

Oakfield Road

Ilford, Essex


Tickets £6.75

Club Members £5.75

Senior Citizens £5.00

Children £5.00

Contact Box Office To Book Tickets: 020 8553 4466


The Story Of Rajni


The rich and powerful Raja Duni Chand is wealthy but also very religious and charitable. He is the father of six daughters, and when he finds that his wife is expecting their seventh child, he makes special prayers and supplications to Almighty God that this time they have a son. These dreams are shattered when the child is born and it is another daughter! Duni Chand loses all faith in God. He completely denies that God has given him anything, and takes full credit for his own wealth, status and good fortune.

All the family follow this belief, except for Rajni, the seventh daughter. She is very different to the others especially in her faith that everything is down to the Will of God. This repeatedly enrages Duni Chand to the point where he challenges her faith, and marries her to the most repulsive and disfigured cripple he can find. Rajni accepts this as her fate, and the couple are thrown out to continue their married life alone.

The play then follows the couple's travels on their way to Sri Harimander Sahib Gurdwara (Golden Temple), Amritsar: the poverty and hardship they endured, the harsh attitudes of the people around them, and their undying faith that God will help them when the time is right. And indeed He does!

Whilst sitting by the edge of a lake under the shelter of the "Dukh Bhanjni di Beri" tree, Rajni's husband watches a wounded duck dive into the water and reappear as a beautiful white swan. He sees this as a sign from God, and immerses himself in the sacred water whilst holding onto a branch for support. He himself is also miraculously healed and proves it to Rajni when she returns, by immersing his remaining crippled hand. Meanwhile, after throwing out his daughter, Duni Chand has also lost his wealth and suffered great hardship. At this stage he becomes reunited with Rajni and her healed husband. Duni Chand admits his grave mistakes and the family are overjoyed to be reunited.

This event took place at the time of our fourth master, Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj, and is a great example of how belief can work miracles. In this day and age we all need reminding of how powerful faith is, and how fantastic is our Guruji's grace.

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il give it a shot.. but words can not describe the immense efforts and hard work put into it.. u had to see it for urselves!!

it was top class performance and it looked like something from a West End theatre!! .. congratulations to them!

I couldnt believe that the all those that participated werent professional actors.. they were top notch!!

if they put it on again i would recommend anyone and everyone to go and see it!!.. i would go and see it again myself!!..

plus if ur not good wiv ur Panjabi (like me) they give u a booklet thingy and it tells u wot they're saying!!

AMAZING.. wot else can i say?!

too good... go see it!!

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i think u overrate it ghost. i think there was some excellent acting & two or three actors shone especially for me... the king & the langra are two that come to mind, but there was also some poor acting i'm sorry to say.

the storyline was well planned out & executed, but there were a couple of times when the breaks between scenes dragged on a little (esp the first giddah scene)

overall a very good play though, doubly so seeing as most of the actors were voluntary. is it worth watching... definately!

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