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What is Sikhi to you?


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What is Sikhi?

Everyone please take time to answer in "one line" if it's possible.

For me:

Sikhi is about expereincing un-conditional love of Vahiguroo through meditation(Naam Simran) via Shabad Surat Marg.

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For me Sikhi is great faith where I live in the blessed fort created by my Gurus and sant mahapurakhs where one can go deep into the flowery water of naam bani, where I am always a learner, where I feel the beauty of the holy, where i can see absolute beauty, giving me an aspiration towards a pure idea for all humanity, where there is a goal for me to acheive, where i tread on a path of self realisation and spiritual perfection and i am in constant touch with my God, and without Him I cannot live.

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Vaheguru... some wicked replies

for me its al about the love, love for the almighty creater and his wonderful creation.

love which strengthens every second of everyday...

Vaheguru.. totally agree. Its not always about realising maharaj only wen ur in sangat but also wen ur on ur own doing nothing at all an u get that litle funny feeling inside.. :)

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