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Big Up Mehtab Singh (Sian)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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is this some kind of fraud? on unitedsikhs.com his name is cited as "Mehtab Singh (Rochak)" and over here neo has said he's "Mehtab Singh (Sian)".


I'm really sorry, but after reading all of your posts, you seem less interested in learning about Sikhi, than critizicing any miniscule aspect you find of it. While I think open discussion and questions are a good thing, you seem to just jump on any case you find..

Sorry bro, but it doesn't seem like you care much for learning...and neo is right about Sian, not a last name...lol

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Here is another one:

When the Lion comes, you run away

Else the Lion will make you pay

Do you understand what I say?

Listen to what I say, Hey Hey Hey!

Copy down the notes

Cash in the votes

If I win

On my face, you will see a grin

Forget your own thing

Join me, the king

The living legend of the peeps

Get me some beeps

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