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Panj Shastar

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i dont currently have time for a response.

But in dasam bani- Akali Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj says...

my name is gobind singh, and I am a kelari of shastar. Shastran da pulari ha. Mera Vaheguru Shastar hai. Shastar to bina, mera hor koy asra nei hai.

'Aj tuhee jagbeer tuhee nishani jeet ki' Jera vee shastaran da kelari hai, shastaran da pulari hai, Jera shastar dee pooja karda (does pooja of shastars), Jineh nu shastar chalana anda hai, ustee jang vich bhar nei hosakhdee. sadahee akaal purakh dee kirpa duara, ustee har maidan fateh hovaigee.

Guru Gobind singh along with rehat gave Panj Shastar. "Panj Shastar Parvan" The mukvat of what is rehat and what is shastar is in teh dasam bani. Guru gobind singh says..."nishaneh sikh kee panj harp tap" The way to make nishani of my son (guru gobind singhs son) is panj kakeh, panj shastar.

You can listen to the shabad along with full viakhya by Bhai Balbir Singh Jee in Dasam Bani

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Phat Sodhi ask one of the lads from Birmingham UK (the Nihang lot, the ones everyone hates)

or ask ustad ji .....

I'm suprised u dont know....with the amount of times you have been to the classes.

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Through the grace and beauty of maharaj the benti of phat sodhi has pushed me to return to this forum and post some more unintresting probable lies in the name of educating the people..

I hope my hmble reappearance will be hated and shunned forever. May you all curse me and all that humble crap.

Personally i stopped replying to stuff on this forum as there is only one true truth and that is satguru akaal purakh ji everything else is graced by akaal. Karmi apoo apni keh nere kai door. According to our own karam some are close others far.. in certain aspects one may kno more in another way of looking at it someone else may know more. Who cares man there is only one truth that matters and thats naam.. but enough of that weird religious moment.. FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE SINNED..

Now Sodhi sache patsha jio.. tera khalsa. jape akaaal hi akaaal..

I will now narrate the answer a nihang singh from the burj gave when asked about the panj shastar.

Part 1..

Panj is the number of the panj pyaare and the panj bania.. and the panj shastar that must mean there is something important about them..

Part 2..

Sarbloh intertwinned with ur bunga and ur kesh upon your dasam dwar has some unknown mystical effect on bhagti and conducting of bhagti energies.. (its a pitty most of us with panj shastar dont do any bhagti to test it out lol)

Part 3...

They can be used as mini weapons when attempting to chatka small animals such as ants and bugs, in the jungles when there is no food you must survive on something.. and we can only eat chatka ..

(that answer kinda freaked me out - have a feeling he spent too much time watching discover channel survival guide)

Part 4...

The panj shastar represent akaal shakti they are the peer of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj kinda makes them really important and hence good idea to keep them in the most respectful place .. ontop of your head..

Part 5... and the most sensible and accurate part .. ohh and the fifth part.weird..

Is the fact that the other shashtar kakar are practicle and weapons.. the kare the kirpans or kard.. possibly the nala from your kashera.. ??

In war weapons are lost, they break, and they slow you down.. so if your running it may drop or even be abadoned on purpose, now you may say but sa singh never loses his shastar bla bla,, nice fantasy view of battle.. get into a street fight and one of the first things u gonna lose is ur sharp edged kara coz the sirens getting close and you just put a dent in the other guys face (not implying any of you would do such a thing)

Yep so with the possibilty of such situations occuring its practicle to keep the shastar the same place the nishaan (farla) was kept in the damalla. The only way to lose them was if you lost your head.. So until death they were with you..

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