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isometrics & plyometrics


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they can be done anywhere with no equipment. they offer progression in terms of increased time intervals of contractions or number of repititions. they main thing would be you don't have to have an excuse not to go to the gym, lol.

Although muscle size increases will be limited with these types of exercises. They are very good for neuro-muscular connections and motor neurone speed (reaction time) and fibre recruitment.

this is a quick reply and will reply with a lot more info.

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few links:



these two are quite good esp the 2nd link, go down and there is a wealth of avialable information. the "push up & clap" pushup is similar to the ones done in sanjam kiriya if im not mistaken, except we lift up legs too.

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Isometric exercise is shown to enhance strength only within the joint range that the contraction occurs within.

Plyometrics is high force eccentric and ballistic movements capable of causing significant microtrauma and tearing, while improving neuromuscular adaptation for high speed activities. This means that it can be translated to sporting athletic events.

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