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langar hmmmm


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sum singhs i know do not eat langar because the sewadaars in langar hall (generally bibiah) may or occasionally do nidhia chugleeah, so the langar is disrespected or something. This 2 me dusnt quite make sense so was wondering if ne1 can put down sum feed bak :roll:



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Those that do not eat from the langar are moorakhs, too much ego in their minds, and yet they could more than likely eat from a local shop.

Hypocrites, I know guys who have taken it to the level of not eating from their own mothers :shock:

Let me narrate one story, a great jatha in the panth came to our local sant gurdwara and all sat together narrated bani, sung kirtan and talked with love.

When it came to langar the singhs said "No we cannot eat it " it has been prepared by bibiya in the langar hall who do nidiya and we do not know what they have put in it.

And I thought oh yeah they would poison the food that they make everyday for the sangat wouldn't they?

Then the sant baba ji said, would you lik some sweets instead ?

handed some Quality street choclates and they took them, then the baba ji said "Do you know were those sweets have come from, or who made them"

They replied no but they keep major sucham in making these sweets.

baba ji said How do you know?

As Baba Maan Singh one who has helped millions to take amrit, said when das handed him a spring role,

Ki Sucha Ki Jhootha (What is Clean,what is Dirty)

Moral of the story: eat what you need to eat, have some cleaniness but don't over do it, no meat though or eggs or anything else (depending on your views) if your gonna do meat kill it with your own hands :)

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langars always nice, but i think if u do eat at d gurudwara u shud always give bak2,not jus take at the end of the day its langar its for d sangat take maybe ata, milk, sugar its pun isnt it!

as for dem women in d gurudwara who sit der doing chuglee at d gurudwara jus look at dem n think u kw wat im betetr of den u iv come 2 gods house 2 pray and ur here talkin bout other people its der loss at the end of d day.... u kw wat i hate at the gurudwara u go 2 d gurudwara on a busy sunday morning why is it people only go 2 d gurudwara 2 look at people or talk bout who jus walked in i hate it why cant people jus sit der close der eyes and be quiet!

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talkin of langar iv heard a saying... u eat at the gurudwara its sum1s langar yer, if u eat der 1 roti in another life time u have 2 give bak 10 times more so u shud always make sure u do give 2 d gurudwara in terms of milk, sugar ata, butter,.... fair nuff its gur ka langar but dat doesnt mean we have 2 eat it, everythin we have in this life is gods given, every little thing so is it so important 2 eat at d gurudwara?

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