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Shiva & Mecca?


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Fanatics mixing common historical knowledge with bollox.

First the myth of Shiv Ling and shiv connection to mecca. Prior to Islam the area of mecca was a major trade route and at the location of the Kabba was held a sort of international trading market.

Traders from all over (yes this includes from India) would bring along with their trading goods their religious icons and articles of faith (maybe for personal practice, or a ritual for protection as they travelled the lands), at the time there were many tribes each with their own statue or icon representing their God or Goddess.

It was in Mecca that all these icons were collected and if i remember correctly (correct if wrong) it was Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who told everyone to gather their gods and goddesses and stop worshipping them insted see Allah - one God. Some stories say it is in the Kabba that those idols were locked away by the Prophet.

So, it is very likely and possible that some Indian traders would have taken a Shiv Linga with them and it too was placed amongst the other idols brought by other traders.

The story of the shiv ling falling to earth and seperating into 4 parts india and one saudi arabia is a mix of the above mentioned possibility and that of the Yoni of the Goddess which fell to earth in 4 pieces located in different parts of India (mythological belief).

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