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Santhia from Laridvar saroop?

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Where sikhs are focusing on perserving sikh hertiage they should also include perserving of laridvar saroop of maharaj in their list and encourage generation to take santhia from teachers who can do santhia from laridvar saroops.

It's very sad to see, people are forgetting their history. There was a time everyone in the panth took santhia from laridvar saroop until sgpc took over and start implementing pad ched saroops.. now printing press hardly prints any saroop in laridvar saroop.

What can be done to bring this practise alive?

My post is no where boycotting pad ched saroops or this saroop is better than other..Guru Maharaj Saroop is Guru Maharaj Saroop... no question about it...but if we all trying to perserve sikh hertiage... this should be also included part of sikh hertiage that we are slowly losing touch.

By the way, since we got nirmaley, sevapanthis, nihangs on this site. I was just wondering , do you guys still do or teach santhia from laridvar saroops?

please post your thoughts.

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, since we got nirmaley, sevapanthis, nihangs on this site.

You forgot AKJers and other main stream Sikhs on this site? :D

Larhidaar Saroops are easily available. You can get Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in larhidaar shape in two volumes too. Not just Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, even Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji is available in Larhidaar Saroop. No problem at all (here in India. :D )

Till his death, my father used to give Santhiya of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Principal Karam Singh Ji (originally from AKJ) gave santhiya in our city (also from larhidaar saroop). Some other Gurdwaras have made arrangments for santhiya.


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i don't c ur points. at the end of the day u must know how to read from a laridvar saroop and able to write it. if u do not and can not then how can u call urself an paat teacher? so whoever in the world is teaching should surely be able to write paat out to.

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take santhia is - to learn how to prounounce gurbani correctly.

Laridvar saroop is - siri guru granth sahib /dasam granth/sarbloh granth in laridvar saroop format (continous verses with no spaces in between lines)

look challenge-everythign avtar..look carefully..save the picture and zoom in if you have to .. that's saroop in laridvar format.

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