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The mindframe of 'cults'...

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I was initiated into this particular sufi group and I was in it for a few years but left when I saw it was actually a cult. So if anyone comes across a fat bloke named Baba Shah Mahmood (or just “Baba†as he likes to be called) who claims to be the head of the Yousufi-Albayli branch of the Chishti Order avoid him like the plague.

Here is how a cult traps you:

1) It tells you a lot of truth and good things but once in a while it puts a few drops of falsehood in there which you take in thinking that it is good. It’s like putting a few drops of poison into very tasty food. You usually don’t notice it because the food tastes so good. With time they increase the amount of poison they give you till you become theirs or corrupted by them.

2) They will try and isolate you from the outside till that group becomes your everything. They tried to poison my mind against my dad and against my friends who were not part of that sufi group. It will come to a point when they will outright say or imply that people outside of the cult are a threat or a bad influence.

3) They will try and take away your will and independence. You must ask your “spiritual guide†permission for all major and sometimes insignificant things (in my case I was told that I needed to ask permission even if I wanted to go out of town).

4) They will use guilt and imply that God is unhappy with you if you don’t conform to what they want or they will imply that some sort of punishment will come from God if you don’t be an obedient follower.

5) Religion and spirituality will be twisted and used to manipulate you and it doesn’t even have to be twisted that much. For example in my case there were many examples used to get me to submit... some of these were stories of true and loyal disciples who stuck by their master no matter what even if the master did things which seemed wrong or irrational. Stories were taken from spiritual traditions or holy books to drive the point home that one should not question the master and be obedient. Stories of Moses and Khizr when Khizr did some things which seemed abhorrent to Moses.

There is a fine line between religion/spiritualty and a cult even though they are worlds apart. Once you see how the mind of a cult leader works you can see how easy it is to manipulate people if you have a little bit of charisma (and ridhi-sidhi helps a lot too which I know my “Sheikh†had because I experienced it).

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The way they try to make number 3 work (asking permission for things like going out of town, buying a house, naming your child etc) is that they tell you that to be on the spiritual path one must be selfless and trust ones spiritual master. It is an exercise in spiritual ettiquette and submission to the will of God through your master to do as your sheikh says and ask permission on matters. Do you see how this is dangerous? Its dangerous because true guides have also done the same thing but in a positive way. True guides have used these techniques to test the love and devotion of their followers. The story of Guru Nanak Ji and Bhai Lena and Guru gobind Singh and the Panj Pyarey comes to mind. Similar accounts in the chishti line of sufis too.

Anyway, I wouldnt have any of this as over time I felt that they were trying to tighten their grip around me. I told my "spiritual guide" that he could basically shove it where the sun dont shine and I left the group that I had given my heart to for a few years of my life.

There are wolves disguised as shepards and that is why they want you to become sheep that dont question. In todays world it seems to be safer to be a stubborn goat. True spiritual masters are almost extinct.

After leaving the group I came to find out about some incidents of sexual abuse towards some female members by the head of that Sufi group. I have talked to one lady who was sexually manipulated by this so called Sheikh.

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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

I gotta make mine quick because its half time. I'll give details in a bit, but in essence. I wanted spirituality without religion. I guess I have come more to appreciate discipline and see the need for rituals at a very basic level, but focusing too much on ritualism will inarguably make the rituals an advesary to god.

I found narinder grewal...the story is REALLY interesting. He had a few mystical abilities in the beginning, I noticed a change in him when I started introducing him to people. then everyone around thought they were the chosen ones. When 90% of his talking became bashing of gurdwaras etc...I realised he was caught in a loop, and I stepped back in time.

I find many of the dedhari sects have the same way of dealing with things. You have one guy who is like a "god", and everything said by them is "gospel". you have dumbass chelay who think they're tatti is special. The chelay are usually just "lobhi" (Greedy) bandhay who want more money and think they will get blessings to do so, and the bibian are usually either tattered from having a rough life (bechaarian) or the wives have no peace of mind and think..."this will help the business".

The people can't answer everything....(They shouldn't be able to anyways), but they will play it off like they either know EVERYTHING or cover it up with a very "blanketed" statement. Dhan dhan to those who say do "japji sahib, sukhmani sahib"....at least they are putting you on the right track, but if their intention is to just get money from you for what you already know...piss on their cholay!.

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LOL challenge everything you make me laugh :LOL:

i personally believe that you shjould do what suits you interms of your rehat for example if you believe in women should wear dastaars then you tie one and be proud taht you are portraying in your mind a good gursikh but i hate it wen everyone has to subject ithers totheir beliefs its ridiculous if you were supposed to preach and show people the right path guruji would have made you a sant or something. I also think as a teenager in the wetern world you have pressure coming from everywhere (well we are in kaljog) and i think when you got to places like camps or other gatherings having others belliefs pumped into you so much makes you start to believ that their way is right but it may not be.

how complicated life is but at least we have naam japnaa to give us a chance in front of dharam raaj :cry:

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