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What is aura?

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The Aura simply exists and i don't know how to define its purpose if there is one.

Altho i believe that this Aura is found everywhere, but specifically in those places where a divine Sage might have taken rest or stayed in one place for a long time, that place starts to absorb the Aura of the Saint and begins to emit it. Also it can be felt in Sangat where Dhyaan is being done. Those places become sacred as it continues to emit the aura long after the saint or the sangat departs. Hence the building of Gurudwaras where our Gurus have stayed.

Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained enlightenment can still be visited and without a doubt the aura would still exist from 2500 years ago.

I am certain everyone has felt a sense of peace, joy, silence when being in close proximity to an individual, a building, an object. That is Aura being transmitted from such sources. It radiates. Those who are close and sensitive experience a sense of oneness with what source is emitting and ultimatly with your ownself.

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When one practices meditation a lot of ascetic heat called tapas is accumulated. The expression of that tha tapas is tejas, the aura. According to the Yoga Sutras there is a way of actually make it appear.

how :?: ...pls share

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Waheguru jio

One of my friends did a course in aura balancing, i was lucky enough to be one of his case studies for this.....It was a totally amazing experience.......the balance of the chakras raly helped when doing simeran and just general day emotional and spiritual balance..........It was discovered that i was finding it difficult to remain balace and this guy could guide my lower and base chakras to alignment, while standing over four feet away from me, yet i could feel something pulling at my feet..........was totally mind blowing............

I would definatly recommend having these kind of treatments done, theres things out there like Past Life regression, Emotion Freedon Techniques that real help the soul and inner self to heal explore the inner layers of our beings....................i found if you cannot find acceptance and peace within...........your spiritual journey cennot realy begin..............


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Emotion Freedon Techniques

I have tried EFT based Tapping. Guess what.......it works.........for me!.

Basically , think of a mental block, phobia, or some ingrained perception you are trying to get rid of. You 'tap' certain meridian points of the body to help you overcome these.

It is very ,very simple to do and that is what most skeptics don't understand: the simplicity and effectiveness. You can solve problems that you had for ages in litterally one hour-long session.

Then again it could all be new-age, physcho-babble, mumbo-jumbo!! :wink:

Because AURA's can be photographed and seen what is the scientific community's opinion about it?

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