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Thanks for sodhi singh for providing me an space to upload and share some of the gems i have with the sangat.

Here are the server details:

click on:


usr: u37971150-sa

pss: neosingh

you will see audio kirtan katha divan folder..

So far I have got:

- 11 Divans of Sant baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowaley

- Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Raag Kirtan Darbar video's (recorded when he was in toronto for 22 days!)

Also Proffestional audio recordings of bhai avtar singh ji kirtan darbar in toronto for full 22 days will be available shortly !!

Note: Use cute-ftp cleint to get access to this ftp ..it's more effective


Enjoy ! :D

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Yes.. thanks to apna premi (sodhi singh) providing me chance to share stuff i have.

Coming soon 7 tapes of fully adhyatmic based from jivan kiranaie book of Sant Jawala Singh Ji by Sant baba jagjit singh ji harkhowaley.

lets see (tsingh, lalleshvari, pheena, drawof and all the singhs who are into spirituality will love this one ! " :)

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neo i can never get on the ftp site keep getting this message

Address lookup of "www.sa.sikhiserver.co.uk " failed. It may be misspelled, or your computer may not be connected to the network or Internet.

Also check that your DNS and local name servers are properly configured and responding.

can you help

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As of now, i have the ones i got from you...but by tonight, i ll have 7 NEW DIVANS ADDED of Sant Baba Jagjit Singh Ji taken from Jivan Kiraniey.

As I am writing this post, i m encoding 7th tape side b ..just about to finish the whole set of 7 tapes of Adhyatamik stuff.

stay tuned !!!!! :D

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* ADDED- New 7 Divans of Sant baba Jagjit Singh Ji* - Fully adhyatamik(spiritual) divans all taken from book- Jivan Kiraney - Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji. Look under Audio Kirtan -Katha-Divans/Baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowaley Adhyatamik updesh series. *

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is that tape 1, 2 or 3?? i m goin to try re-recording it ..i think he is not speaking fast..it's just recording came out fast.. i don't think you will hear him speakin fast on 4,5 6, 7.. it's just 3 specially ..1 and 2 might be also effected by it.

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