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Patiala Hukumnama & The 4 Sahibzadey Prophecy


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In the Sikh Royalty post I mentioned the Hukumnama sent by Guru Gobind Singh to the sons of Phul.


Here is a picture of the Hukumnama .


*taken from Gurdwaras - In India and around the world - Patwant Singh 1992

This is dated August 2 1696 - It includes the Nisan - signature - of Guru Sahib . Line 7 and 8 contain the lines 'tera ghar mera asay' which has been adopted as the Patiala motto ever since. Here is an english translation :

There is One God. The Guru is Great . It is the order of the Guru. Bhai Rama and Bhai Tilokha, the Guru will protect all. You are required to come with your contingent. I am pleased with you. Your house is my refuge. On seeing this letter you should come in my presence. Your house is my refuge. you should come immediately. On seeing this letter you should arrive with horsemen. Do come. I have sent one Robe of Honour. Keep it with you.

(Translation from a Dix - Noonan - Webb sale catalogue July 2003.)

Guru Gobind Singh is asking them to come to him with Arms and Horses - just as History records Guru Sahib said to all his Sikhs. - This is a reference to the Battles with the Hill Rajas. - The brothers Ram Singh and Tilokha Singh - being devoted Sikhs came to their Guru . Guru Sahib won all those Battles .

Warning !! These next references are Controversial and Highly Contentious - Some may be Highly offended by them - Please do not Shoot the messenger !!

The Maharajas of Punjab and the Sahibzada Prophecy

These pictures are from The Bijay Mukht Granth - They are absolutely fascinating ( as is the rest of the Bijay Mukht Granth) - This granth is a collection of Sakhis relating to Reyat Maryada.

They relate a prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh regarding His sons - the 4 Sahibzadas. In it Guru Sahib is asked if his Sons will return to the World and he states that they will return in Samat 1930 (CE approx 1873 )

Baba Zorawar Singh as the Ruler of Kapurthala

Baba Jhujaar Singh as the Ruler of Nabha

Baba Fateh Singh as the Ruler of Sangrur

and Baba Ajit Singh as the Ruler of Patiala

Isn't that just AMAZING !

Perhaps Bhai Sahib Amritpal Singh 'Amrit' ( or any other scholar on SA)

can shed some light on this prophecy - Who was The Author of the Bijay Mukht ? and any comments on its Authenticity - any input Greatly appreciated !!!



* Ref - Sau Saakhi - Bijay Mukht - published by Bhai Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh - 2002 edition page 87 - 88

This Sakhi also makes mention of The sons of Singhs Cutting their Kesh -- It can be seen that this is not a modern phenomenon - it also has the quote about the son of a Singh who cuts his hair - his 'Roots' have dried up and the Son of a 'Mona' who keeps his kesh his roots are 'evergreen'

This Granth has countless sakhis - with gurbani - on all topics that Modern Jathas fight about - Kesh - Weddings - 'Hindu' rituals

Get yourself a copy !!

I appeal again to the Sangat if you have any comments about the Author or authenticity of this Granth - please post !!

AND if you are offended please do not attack me I am just 'the messenger' not the writer !!

Please forgive ALL mistakes - Bhul Chuk Maaf

Let the Games Commence !!!!

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