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Dasmesh Pita & Nihang - Nirmala wall murals


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A mural panel from the samadh of Baba Mohar Singh - located in Tanda, District Hoshiarpur - The samadh can be found in the Nirmala Dera - known as Mast Garh - founded by Baba Mohar Singh.

(This Samadh is in a different location from the Lopon samadh, mentioned in a previous post, which is in Ludhiana District).

The Samadh has an inscription dated VS 1900 ( AD 1843)- this samadh has 39 painted panels depicting various Sikh and Hindu themes and also has some that depict Shams Tabriz and King Suleiman.

This panel depicts Guru Gobind Singh Ji - with the established iconography of Kalgi, falcon,bow and attendant with Chaur - Guru sahib wears a yellow 'Jama' and Dastar with white kamarkasa


This panel is of a Nihang Singh - with 'farla' and shasters in his dastar - note the earrings and the 'taveet' or 'tavey' type necklace.

This nihang is in the form of a 'Dvarpala' or door guardian - with drawn sword.The author has titled this panel as being from the samadh of Baba Mohar Singh - but it is not clear if this is the one at Lopon or Tanda.

Once again I ask the sangat if they have any info - to please post it - the paintings were photographed and described in the 1970's and published in 1985 - so may not be in the same state or still exist. - Your input much appreciated .


* both images from Wall Paintings of Punjab and Haryana - Kanwarjit Singh Kang - Atma Ram & sons - 1985

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